Friday, January 29, 2010

Weclome to Hell

Friday. Day 25.

Yesterday is gone, there is nothing I can do about the abysmal workout from the day before.

Today, meeting Jay and Corey at LTF, it was time. A tempo run on the treadmill. I am not much for being a mouse on the wheel, but, it teaches leg turn-over, pace and forces the body to respond, the alternative is to fly off the back end of the treadmill that would not be good.

This morning was not going to be easy, another 9 mile run to bookend the 9 mile run that started the week. Monday’s 9 miles were run at a 7:17 pace, today would be different, but equally or more difficult. The run was 1 mile EZ, 2 miles @ 7:03, 1 EZ, 1 @ 7:30, 1 EZ, 2 @ 7:30, 1 EZ. When you first look at it, not so difficult, wrong!, The first mile was slow, but hard as my body was not quick to respond. The temperature at the gym was also high and the sweat started pouring in the first quarter mile. The next two miles the speed increased and work was being done. Clearly this is going to be tough run. At the end of the 2nd fast mile, I was ready for 1 at an EZ pace. My breathing recovered nicely, though my legs were feeling sluggish from a hard training week. The next fast miles was not too bad. Based on the speed, it went really quick and was very manageable. The next mile EZ the breathing again returned to normal, but the legs were having trouble keeping up. I knew the next 2 fast would be a test, mentally and physically. I was not let down. My heart rate soared, my breathing quickened and my legs burned. Welcome to Hell. I typically try not to think about a “count down” until I am almost done with a run. With these last two miles, I started counting the tenths of a mile from the first foot strike…20/10 to go…

My mind was fighting the fatigue of my body and over-riding any protest by my legs, lungs to slow down. Sorry were going to finish this and be stronger for doing so. I dug deep and with each passing 10th of a mile I was getting closer to my way out of this personal Hell. I steeled my resolve and continued on and eventually the miles passed. During the last 1 mile EZ, I checked my heart rate, 176! I would not be surprised if I was in the mid 190’s during parts of this run. I would say there were a few moments that my breathing was controlled and my pace controlled, but there were an equal number of times I was on the ragged edge.

Finishing, Jay said it best, “that was a hard run, but it will pay-off somewhere down the road” I agree!

I enjoyed running next to Jay, sharing the agony, and Corey who ran so smooth and relaxed, it was inspirational. Corey I appreciate the extra water, I went to the well often and it was dry when I was done. Thanks!

Weight 179 – Better!

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