Friday, January 22, 2010

Come on

Day 19.

Wide awake. It is 3:01 and I am absolutely wide awake. So much for going to bed early last night. I guess my body only wanted 6 hours of sleep. I laid there, but no success. Finally, 4:00 AM hits and I decide my opportunity was missed. Time to run. It is early and colder than I expected.

At the gym, I meet Jay, watches set we are off. The first few miles are tough, very tough. My breathing is erratic, my stride is uneven. My left leg breaks down like it did when I was training for the marathon. Though this should be an easy pace, I am struggling. I push forward. I keep telling myself that it will get better and it does, but not until mile 5.

The last three miles are uneventful, likely because it is mostly downhill. The goal was 7:33 per mile, and ended with 7:29.

Weight 180. Come on.

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