Saturday, January 2, 2010

Okay, how about now...


Well my intentions were good, with one last task on my holiday “to-do” list, I was ready to get busy. However, promises were made that were going to prevent me from tackling and completing my last project. It will have to wait.

The boys were hungry for breakfast. Pancakes and bacon to be specific. I had not pancake mix, so decided to make them from scratch like my Mom used to make. I pulled out a recipe, (I do not have hers), and put all the ingredients in a bowl, mixed well and poured out the first four. The consistency was correct, the taste, not so much. I have decided that my pancakes tasted a lot like paste. Considering the ingredients for paste are flour and water, I was pretty darn close. Time to take liberties with the recipe, first I added more sugar, some melted butter, and chocolate chips. Better but not great. The boys ate them, we all did, but they were only tolerable. I have resolved to finding a good pancake recipe and perfecting it for the next time.

Around mid morning we run to Home Depot so the boys can make their kid craft they have the first week of every Saturday. Their skills with a hammer are improving and I no longer need to build or even help them build the project, they do a good job by themselves. So this gave me time to observe the other parents. Comical, one parent was building the entire thing not letting their child touch the project. One Mom was telling her daughter she was doing it all wrong, another parent was helping their child, but both were helplessly fumbling around and managed to put many pieces on backwards or upside down. One parent work diligently on the project paying no attention to their daughter of no more than 4 who had a put the blunt part of the hammer in her mouth and was sucking away. That one I had to let know her daughter my not like gumming her food until her permanent teeth arrive. The last set of parents to arrive must have been new to the game, they had dad, the grand parents and mom all there to help. Mom was taking photos by the second, not willing to give up on one potential "Kodak moment". By the time I finished evaluating and humoring myself the boys were done and we were heading back home.

At home I was ready to dig into the project when it occurred to me, the tree needs to come down and be stripped of its lights. I went right to the task. It was freezing outside and I laughed as my nose ran uncontrollably from the cold. But finally the tree was denuded of its lights and I was heading inside to get warm, clean the needles and finally get to my project.

Once inside, Kim reminded me to the fact I promised Wil we would hit a movie this weekend, specifically today. Off we went to go see the Fantastic Mr. Fox. A stop motion animation by director Wes Anderson. It was good. I really enjoyed the story, clearly it was aimed more towards the adults than kids, but the boys still enjoyed the movie.

Back home I once again prepared to ready my project, but Kim had been busy and stacked up the Christmas stuff. Through we had agreed to wait and put is all in the attic at one time, the stack called to me and I decided to just get stared.

The remained of the day was odds and ends of putting things away, making dinner and hanging with the boys. The project will have to wait.

Kim and I will watch a movie later tonight downstairs after the boys go to bed, an at home date night.

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