Monday, August 31, 2009

8, sk8 and dough8

Day 8

Monday. well it goes to show you that you should never make any assumptions. I thought today’s workout would be a “walk in the park” or maybe a “run in the park”. It was neither. Rather, it was extremely tough, mentally and somewhat physically. It might have been the mental part as I did the tempo run on the treadmill with Jay. Whatever the reason, I found myself, watching the clock. The warm up, a slow pace was hard, the 5 miles at 7:53, hard, even the EZ cool down… hard. Dang! How am I going to run 21 additional miles at that pace. Grrrr. Just last week I ran 12 miles at 7:50 or less. So why am I having trouble now. I guess that is why it is a 16 week program and not a 2 week program. I need to teach my body to respond when fatigued, Check!

I stretched and did my core. Came home, very productive morning at work.

Lunch, I went back to the gym, weights, for fun I benched 225lbs, most I have done in a while, remember, I am about building strength not mass right now. Did my second set of core, call me bobby six pack. Afternoon full of work. Time to get back at it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Day 6&7

Saturday. Typically this is my cycling day, but not today. Today is the start of football. Jack and I warm up the arm, we go over the plays. We are ready. The game was great, the boys were all nervous to start the game, but everybody calmed down and we won the game, 26-20. Jack had several great plays. I had a few areas that I, as the offensive coordinator could improve. Need to see the tape. Yep, we have tape. Go figure… the evening was relaxing, well after I cut the grass, and we all went to bed early. Good

Ah, Sunday. Breakfast at Mel’s I had work that I needed to catch up on, wrapped that up before 1:00. Did a few errands. We’ll grill later tonight. Tomorrow is the start of my second week of training. A tempo run, 7 miles. 1 EZ, 5 at Pace, 1 EZ. Should be EZ.

Friday the 13th?

Day 5

Friday. The next 16 weeks my Fridays are going to start with a nice long run. Today was just the start, 13 miles. Jay who is also training with me to qualify for Boston also ran. Luckily we are both in good shape to start. The plan dictates at marathon pace, plus 40 seconds. As our target is 8:00/mile, that would be 8:40, ridiculous. We decide we do not want to cut it so close, so we plan for a 7:50/mile, and that makes it 8:30, still too slow. Jay and I roughly figure 8:20 would be easy, so we go with that. Now, easy is a relative term, as today’s run is in the hills. Lots of them, the first 9 miles in fact. We ran well and ended with a 8:09 pace, too quick, but we’ll not worry about that. The course was a bit too dangerous for my liking. Two or three occasion where there were no sidewalks. Dangerous.

Work was good and a new lead came in. Chad and I will split the opportunity.

Jack had a difficult time sleeping this night. Very worried about his first real game on Saturday. He’ll be fine.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just keep swimming

Day 4

I slept in Jacks room last night, we were both in bed and sleeping by 10:00, likely 9:45. If I had not mentioned it before, both he and William have new Bunk Beds.

Kim told me a funny story about Wil last night. But I need to go back and give some details. William decided with his new bedroom furniture he would open a massage parlor in his room. For a long time he has had an open/closed sign on his door. He used to tell me his room was a store, though the sales for his store were slow. The new massage business was better. He charges $0.50 per minute or $1 per minute with music, (his Ipod). Okay, last night. Kim had gone into Wil’s room but did not see him. She called out’ “Wil...” “yes” where are you, I’m in my office. He was sitting at his desk, it is part of the bunk bed. "What are you doing". Wil was sitting there with his elbows on the desk and fist at his chin. “I’m thinking of how I can get more business”. Classic. "I need more foot traffic" Funny. I went to bed with a smile on my face.

I woke up in a flash. Jacks bunk bed is full size bed on top and a futon that converts into a couch. really cool for a kid that age. I actually like the bottom futon bed, it is firm, and feels good.

I made my way down stairs and I was off, as always, there were several reasons to not go. But the one very important reason to go, Boston Qualifying. I need to keep my conditioning up. I swam 3400 meters or 2.11 meters. That is some real swimming. I felt strong and best, I was faster than the last few times out. I averaged between 1:45 – 1:50, not too shabby for me.

I have much to do today and I want to follow up on some old leads. I will strap it on and get it done. Tomorrow is a 13 mile run at 8:00 or under. It will be tough, but running with Jay makes it more fun. It is always better to run with a running buddy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wackey Wednesday

Day 3

Morning came around early. I felt fairly rested though going down the stairs was difficult. Dame me for breaking my ankle. Today was track day and it was not looking too hard. 3 x1600, essentially 3 one mile repeats, with a 60 second RI.

A rookie joined us today, Michelle, an ex-collegiate LSU swimmer. Jeff did not join, too bad. The jog down was good, the new “Jumbotron” could be seen well before we arrived at the track and lit up the entire track. Felt like a fly drawn to the flame. The looming Jumbotron was something different. It gave the track an odd look. Not bad when your back was to the screen, but running into the lights flashing DEFENSE, DEFENSE made you wonder if you should be getting into a three point stance. Perhaps Rocky running up the stairs might have been more inspirational.

The first mile was a little fast, 6:30, I lead, I knew I was fast. Jay took the next mile, we nailed it right on, perhaps a few seconds fast. I took the last mile, I was right on the first two laps, though, I slowed by 3-4 seconds on the third, caught day dreaming, I was mesmerized by the big screen. I picked it up on the last lap, a little too much though and we finished at roughly 6:36, not too bad. There was a lot left in the tank for both Jay and I.

We ran in to Ann Marie on the way back, she is also running in Huntsville, as is Brian (Patrick), Corey’s wife and her friend. This is going to be a great run. My weight, was 181… damn me for eating those French fries last night. I was good all day too. Need to work on the will power. Rats!

Hitting the weights at lunch and core again as well. My goal is to be lean and mean. Thinking about the “Pre” moustache. Hmmmm.

Today I have a lot of work to do. Two demos and I am lining a up a good deal of business. I need to knock it out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two for Tuesday

Day 2

Good morning! I woke up and had at least 3 reasons to stay home and sleep. First, I was tired, second, it feels like I have caught my son’s cold and could feel the scratch in my throat and last, I got in the car and it said 3 miles to empty. Crap! I fought through all the excuses and made my way to the gas station, put a few bucks in the tank and made my way to the gym.

I hopped in the pool and had a good work out. This is my cross train day, I knocked out 2,850 meters. Not too bad. I felt strong and my weight was fairly even from yesterday, 181.

I will hit the weights at lunch and also get my core work in. Jack has practice this evening and we will work on open field blocking and tackling. We have a lot to do before our first game on Saturday.

Work is adding a good deal of pressure. There are challenges and we need to address these challenges to resume our leadership position.

Working on my food intake. Trying to lean out, I am limiting myself to a single coke a day, that alone will be a big help with the weight.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bring it! Count down to qualifying!

Day 1

Today it starts! I have reset the "day" clock. This is my official start of training as I once again try to qualify for Boston.

The race is scheduled for December 12, 2009. I have the next 16 weeks to dedicate myself to being in top shape. My goal, a lean 172-175. I weighed 181 this morning, so I am heavier than I wanted to be when I started this training. My other goal is to get enough sleep. My friends all go to bed at 9:30. I typically go to bed at 11:00. I am pushing to be in bed every night by 10:00 PM. That is a good start.

Today was my first run, only 6 miles and not very fast. It was a tempo run, 2 EZ, 2 at 7:00 and 2 EZ. I ran with Jay and we did our work on the treadmill. I am not a fan of the treadmill, but we put the first run in the books. Only 47 more runs to go!

I am looking forward to the next 16 weeks, a measurement of my determination, fitness and will power.

Goal for the Rocket City Marathon, on December 12th, sub 3:30:00 for 26.2 miles.

The registration is complete, I will pick up my new training shoes today… time to get working!

Sunday... the calm before the storm

Day 38

The fitness program is over. Started off really well, the last two weeks, not so good. But I am ready and I only missed 1-2 runs.

Today, the mow the lawn, A little work, but mostly rest.

Saturday oh Saturday

Day 37

Saturday and I am not biking. Rather but that did not mean that I slept in, nope, though I should have taken that time to rest, I was up and up early , well before 6:00 AM. I caught up on some work in and did a few things around the house. I ran a few errors and tried to get prepared for the Games tonight.

Jack had a party to attend and I took will to meet the party at the Alpharetta community pool. It is cool as it has three diving boards, the high dive was a blast, though I must admit that it was a little frightening. I was surprised that it bothered me. I forced myself to go! Glad I did, it was a blast. Funny that it looked so far down when I was standing there. It took me a little while to get the bounce. I would not mind going again. I told Kim I’d give her a $100 bucks if she jumped off, she said no. Jack was doing it, though hesitant, where as Wil, just ran right off the end, no worries.

Jacks 2 games Saturday under the lights were good, he had five tackles and 3 in the back field, though he had three guys run around him for touchdowns. It was a good experience.

Wow, long day.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh what a week

Day 33-37

It has been a challenging week, with my job, parenting and running. Sunday I flew out to Miami, I finally arrived at my hotel at 3:00 AM.

Monday started at 8:00, there was very little sleep and no running, I the schedule was a 7 mile run. It did not happen. The meetings were good not great.

I did meet with my brother though on Monday night and we watched Monday Night Football, pre-season, the giants were on and the girl serving us was cute and flirtatious. Always strokes the ego.

Tuesday was my run day, I had nothing, and knew it. So rather than frustration, I ran with my brother. It was good, I enjoyed the conversation. I had another quick meeting and flew back home.

Wednesday was track day, my favorite, through I was having a difficult day and did not perform. I was 10-20 seconds off each mile. What is going on. The highlight of the day, week maybe was Jack putting the hammer down on the quarter back during our first scrimmage. He threw him to the ground.

Thursday was a nightmare, an easy swim at lunch, but work was a disaster. Nothing good happened.

Friday, finally. A few good opportunities at work, closed one small deal, and everything else was okay. Practice was okay. The run in the morning was fantastic, best workout all week. I ran my 10 miles at a 7:35 pace. I ran with Jay and we picked each other up in various areas.

I am glad that I ended the week with a strong run, it would have been disappointing to finish my fitness training poorly. I have not ended with the weight I wanted, and the last few week my running has been off. Two days of rest and I start training to qualify for Boston.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sundy, wait who's doing the lawn

Day 32

Rest, well except for the lawn. I had a good breakfast, yes at Mel’s. Jack helped with the lawn and we knocked it out in a little over an hour.

I have a tackle football coaches meeting at 2:00 – 5:30, should be interesting.

Tomorrow, I have a 7 mile tempo run that may have to wait until Tuesday. I fly out tonight at 11:30 for meetings tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

Boston Training starts in a couple of weeks. My body needs to thin out and I need to get my legs stronger.

Seat Time Saturday

Day 31

We road forever... no I mean forever.

I did not start this day with a great deal of vigor. I knew going before I went to bed, that riding 60 plus miles was not what I wanted to do, however, I also knew if your help my overall fitness, especially as we were riding in the hills. We actually road to Big Canoe, it seemed like we were riding to North Carolina. Jay, the new guy Johnathan, Corey were all beast. They were like machines. I did little to nothing and spent most of my time drafting. Very un-Bob like. I am either becoming soft, or old or old and soft. At least I am out here and that makes all the difference. Here is the halfway picture, below.

Looking at this picture I know two things; 1) I need to lose weight and I need a different helmet, I look like a dork. Anyway, Made it back though that was in doubt many times during the ride. The final total, 67 miles. Took forever though. We were slow, by a lot.

Frustrating Friday For dad and son

Day 30

Friday morning. Amazing how you can wake up and say, I am going to run, 12 miles today; even more amazing when you tell yourself that you want it to be hard, so you’ll run in the hills. The prescription for the day though; 12 miles of running and building up the legs. Last week I did this course, only 10 miles, and had a great time of 7:42, this day was not the same. At the turn I was already 42 seconds behind. I ended up running just at 8 minutes per mile. Not really what I was aiming for. The best part, I was well prepared for the day and an early meeting. I did great with the presentation and secured us to the next round.

Later that afternoon Jack had his first day of real hitting. He was given a full release from the Doc’s. The nerves were working and as he was lining up for the first drill, he threw up. We had to move the drill. That said he came back and in his first shot leveled the guy. The rest of the practice was not as good for him and he struggled when given the chance to QB. I was in pain for him as I know he is a good quarterback.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Folding time

Days 26-29

Monday - Day 26

So much for a daily update. The bad, Monday was possibly the worst Tempo run ever! I was hammering it for 3 miles at good pace, unfortunately it was late in the day, 30 minutes after eating dinner (really?) and I was hitting maxi um density, okay, all my excuses are in order. Wait, the last couple of weeks, training has been off too. Stage set, ready, 5 miles tempo, 3 miles, good, 7:08 pace, not bad, (not great), mile 4 - 5, uh, I had to stop and walk, several times. I hang my head in shame... how will I ever make it. Oh yeah, I have to do my track workout in less than 12 hours, because I will be gone on Wednesday.

Tuesday - Day 27

Early, I wake before the alarm goes off. I head to the high school track, (side note: it is the only track i have ever run that has a hill in it, a 12 inch rise on the back turn, huh) today is 6 x 800 @ 3:05 pace, with a 1:30 RI. I start with a mile warm up. Feeling good. In the past, I would have blistered the first 800, I know to hold back, oops too much, 3:10. 90 seconds later, 3:04, the remaining 4 are around 3:04/5. Not bad, i cool down and later hit the weights. A better day than Monday. Work and family balance, not too bad.

Wednesday - Day 28

Up early, shower, and off the airport. I spend the day in Dallas for a Board meeting. Tough day, tough day! Back on a plane and 18 hours later I am back home, though no restful sleep.

Thursday - Day 29

I pushed my swim today until Lunch. I will hit the weights later this evening. Too much work... But happy to have it and glad to be busy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The last supper... pizza!

Day 25

The last day of summer is here, though it came far too soon. As Wil has opened a Massage parlor in his room, an industrious 7 year old, I stopped by for a morning massage. 50 cents per minute, or a buck if you want music, I splurged. The music was good and the massage a hit. Three minutes and I was good to go for the day.

As always, Sunday is rest day. We woke and made our way to Mel’s for breakfast, it was good. A quick stop at the grocery store and back home. The boys helped work on the mustang. We cleaned the trunk as Kim sorted the letter box for school. Jack and will cleaned the windows.

Jack’s buddies came by and I worked this afternoon. After finishing off some work, I took Wil to the pool. Later this evening we took the Mustang to Diesels for pizza, it was our first time there. Good pie, not great, but good.

A little more work and we are ready for some football… To bed early and a 7 miles run in the morning.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Loafing

Day 25

Saturday morning and I am NOT biking this AM. It is the last weekend for the boys before they head back to school. As I say every year, where did the summer go?

I went and picked up donuts for breakfast and was pleased that I had the will power to stop at two. In a couple of weeks, they will not even be on the diet plan.

I see the Yankee’s won in the 15th inning, a walk-off homer by A-rod. Cool.

I will spend the day playing with the boys, mowing the lawn, grilling and finished back at my desk catching up on work.

Fantastic Friday

Day 24

Well that was a great run… great in that I finished. I woke up early, 4:00 AM, as I needed to meet Mike at 7:45 down in Buckhead. The alarm went off and I was out the door quickly.

I knew I needed to be in a hurry. I was scheduled to run this at an 8:14-8:29, but forget that, too slow. I had allotted 1:20 minutes for the run, 10 miles, 8 minute miles. The hills were tough, the down hills, I could have gone faster, but did not want to wreck the quads. I finished with 1:18:49… so right on time, including a 30 second walk while drinking.

The rest of the day was good, I had a chance to have several old photographs appraised, to the point, I will not be retiring. Oh well. But they are cool, photo’s such as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Bobby Jones, Hitler, Mussolini, Truman, Roosevelt, and numerous others.

The work day was busy and there will be homework over the weekend. Such is life.

The boys and I went to GI Joe the movie… it was okay. I was hoping for something better.

Finished the evening watching the Yankee’s it was still tied in the 13th inning when went to bed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What workout...

Day 23

Happy Birthday Kim. Well it is Kim’s birthday. I wished I could have bought her a new car, or a new TV for the bedroom. Flowers, balloons, a Starbucks card and a nice lunch is all that we can handle at this time.

I do not expect I will get my workout in today, though I am set for a grueling 10 mile run tomorrow. It will be early too as I need to be in Buckhead at 7:30 AM.

I will likely get up at 4:00 AM to get the run it. Better get to bed early tonight.

Hump Day at the track

Day 22

I love track workouts. I know that I have said this before, but it still holds true. Though I will say that I am feeling a little slower. I think it is the extra weight. Today was 12 x 400 at a 1:30 pace. A decent pace, but not a killer, 1:16 or below would be tough. I ended up running the first 400 at 1:30, however everyone after that was between 1:24 – 1:27, not bad. There were points I wanted to pick it up, however, I knew that I had 12 to do… By the time I finished number 10, I was ready to really blast it for the last two, but as my buddies were finishing the last of their 6 x 1200, I used my last two 400’s to pace them on their final laps. They were really hurting by the last set.

Weight a reasonable 180, but not great, need to get back under that 180 mark.

We ran at a new track as our standard track is being worked on. Interesting this track has a “hump" on it between the 3rd and 4th turns. Not much, just a 12 inch rise. Never seen that on a track before.

The rest of the day was filled with meeting, call and documents. A busy day that ended with Jack and Wil having their new furniture come in.

Wil and I slept together, he took top bunk, I took bottom. We laughed a lot until Kim told all the boys to go to bed. Funny.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just keep swimming...

Day 21

Going to bed early last night helped. It was still later than I would have liked, but at least it was not past 11:00. I woke up and headed over to the John’s Creek LTF, about 5 miles further than the LTF that I usually go to. When I walked on the pool deck, I saw the outdoor pool was closed and the inside pool was packed. Crap. Corey and Jeff were sitting on the side and it looked like we would be going home. Luckily, the masters group was nice enough to give up one lane.

The swim was good, though Jeff, Corey and Jay are way too fast for me. We started with a 600 warm up, followed by 6 x 100 and 3 x 200. Basically as fast as these guys were swimming they were getting about 20 seconds rest, while I essentially swam a non-stop 1,200 meters. We followed this by 4 x 150 paddles. At this time, Corey and Jeff were just getting warmed up. Me, I am in my fitness stage… I hit another 200 as a cool down and was out of the pool.

My weight… way to high. Not happy I’ll say it, 183.6. Crap!!!! I really have to get this under control. Three weeks more of fitness until marathon training starts. I want my weight under 178. I really want to be at 175.

I have a lot to do at work today and want to get and early start. I’ll try hitting the weights at lunch and tonight we’ll bike about 26 miles. Tomorrow is track… whew, I’m tired already and at some point today I have to move all the boys furniture out of their rooms. Busy day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blue Monday...

Day 20

Well to bed early did not happen. Rather Kim and I spent some quality time together after getting the boys to sleep. I did get a good nights rest and decide to get right to work, a good decision, I was able to get a lot accomplished. in the morning.

Around midday, I hit the gym and got ready for my tempo run. On the schedule was a 6 mile run, 1 mile ez, 4 at long tempo and 1 ez. The first mile I was stiff, legs very tired and the hill I climbed seemed difficult. Once I hit the mile mark, I was off, a bit of a down hill to get me rolling, though that quickly ended with about a 1.5 mile steady climb. It was draining and holding pace was difficult at best. I knew the second half of the tempo run would be easier as it was mostly down hill. I crested the hill, turned the corner and picked up the pace. I was hoping to hold just over 7 minute miles, but I was not even close.

As I hit the 5 mile mark; I was over heating, exhausted and felt very beaten. This was not a good run. My EZ run was even difficult and I could not muster any positive thoughts. I walked a bit and got my legs under me and jogged the rest of the way back to LTF.

There are good days and bad days. This was obviously a bad day. I did not get my core workout in either. Weight… too much to discuss.

On a positive note, Jack is feeling better and he and William are both excited about their new bedrooms that are coming.

Jack and I watched football practice and he hated that he was not able to play. Frustrating, but it might make him want it more.

Tomorrow I have to get up extra early to meet the guys at John’s Creek Life Time for a swim workout. I barely know how to get there.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feeling regular

Day 19

I woke up feeling rested. First I checked in on Jack. He is doing well. Grabbing my gear, I drove to LTF. I like the car ride and the bottle drop for a long run, it get’s me prepped.

Hitting my watch I was off. I knew I wanted to do better than the 8:14 that was on my plan. The first mile was 7:49, the next was about the same. I enjoyed the run and the weather was cool. I did feel a little “fat” and I knew I was carrying some extra weight. To be expected, 1 workout in 6 days, but family and work… considering the week, I am surprised I even had 1 workout. The 3rd mile was up Westside Parkway difficult is a good description. Amazing I find that my left leg is breaking down too soon. I knew I had to get to the 5-6th mile and I would feel better, at least mentally. I hit the 5 mile mark right where I wanted to be, 39:40… good. I picked up my water bottle and walked across the street while I drank. I picked up my pace knowing I had 3-4 more sharp hills ahead. I was able to keep pace on the hills, while taking advantage of the downhills and letting the legs fly.

I pressed on for the 10 miles and finished at 1:17:23 = 7:42/mile. Weight was up as expected, after the run, 180.0. I’ll need to work on that this week.

I got home and we headed to Mel’s as our usual outing on Sunday morning. Omelet for me, pancakes for Jack and Wil, Kim a ham and cheese sandwich.

The weather is cloudy and we all welcomed an opportunity to just relax. I will spend the day catching up at work and mowing the lawn. To bed early.

We're on the way home...

Day 18

A rough night. There is not much sleep to be had at a hospital. Jack looked rough all night long, but never complained. Wil is a solid trooper. He too manned up and did not complain. Kim was, as always a rock. Taking care of the hotel, and all the details while keeping me from being panicked. Kim and Wil stayed in a hotel just down the street from the hospital, very convenient.

Morning came with several calls from family and emails from friends. I was able to get some breakfast for Jack and he was able to get up and walk around the hospital floor. So tough. The doctor showed around 7:30 AM and said we could leave that day! Kim showed at the same time and I made my way to the hotel for a shower and shave while Kim and Wil sat with Jack. By the time I had walked halfway back to the hospital, jack was being discharged, by the time I returned with the car, they were all outside waiting. We piled in and headed back to home.

The trip home was long, but thankfully uneventful. We are thankful that everything worked out so well.

Everyone talks about Healthcare being bad… BS. Jack was in and out of the hospital in 24 hours, with the best care I have ever seen. Healthcare (clinical) is not broken, it is the administrative paperwork by the third party payers that make it so inefficient. Healthcare is fine.

Back home we took care of Jack and Wil. Both settled into bed. I was asleep in seconds. 10 miles in the morning.

Oh no... the Appendix

Day 17

Worked the show until late last night. Worked the floor pretty good and was able to pick up some meaningful leads.

I knew I would miss my workout again. There is a balance, life, work, exercise... That would change in second. Jack is still feeling bad when I woke. After my breakfast meeting I returned to the room to get ready for my meeting with DaVita.

Back at the room, Jack had an acute pain in his side… oh no, his appendix!!! A trip to the emergency room confirmed my diagnosis. It was a whirlwind, lab work, CT, 24 miles in the ambulance, lights and siren, scary. As soon as we hit the Childrens Hospital, Jack was in the operating room in 15 minutes. His appendix was out through laparoscopy and thankfully it had not ruptured. A rough night at the hospital and discharged Saturday morning. All this happened in less than 24 hours.

Working it hard

Day 16

I woke up early and was able to get my track workout in. It was difficult, 3 minutes fast, 3 minutes slow. As you might expect the fast took forever and the slow went by way too quick. Funny. Headed to the show to get some business. Called Kim after the first session, Jack has either a virus or food poisoning. Felt bad as they are hanging in the room.

Travel day

Day 15

We woke up early and made our way down to Florida. Not a bad trip. Kim, Jack and Wil came along. We will hit the beach after my last meeting on Friday. Missed another workout… Not good.

Getting ready for Florida

Day 14

How fast can one day go… Missed my workout. Could not seem to get everything done as fast as I wanted.

A good thing, Jack looked good throwing the football and the head coach saw it!!!!


Day 13

Missed my workout.

I woke up with a plan in mind and knew exactly what needed to get accomplished. I did not wake early as I wanted a full nights rest, a good morning of hard desk work, a meaningful run at lunch and a push to set meetings for Florida later this week.

That did not happen. I had forgotten that I told Kim we would take the boys to Six Flags and that I would take the day off. I sent an email and took a PTO day. We drove to Six Flags, (which I have been dreading) and we had a blast!!!! I am not a fan of roller coasters, but Jack and I went on several. The Miner (for Wil), another Wil roller coaster, Superman (the best), Ninja (I made Jack feel bad as I dragged him on it) and an old wooden roller coaster that beat you up it was so violent. The metal ones are so much better. We went on Splashwater and Thunder River twice, we got soaked. But we did not care. We had a great time.

Later that evening Jack had football. He did great and had an opportunity to throw the ball.