Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seat Time Saturday

Day 31

We road forever... no I mean forever.

I did not start this day with a great deal of vigor. I knew going before I went to bed, that riding 60 plus miles was not what I wanted to do, however, I also knew if your help my overall fitness, especially as we were riding in the hills. We actually road to Big Canoe, it seemed like we were riding to North Carolina. Jay, the new guy Johnathan, Corey were all beast. They were like machines. I did little to nothing and spent most of my time drafting. Very un-Bob like. I am either becoming soft, or old or old and soft. At least I am out here and that makes all the difference. Here is the halfway picture, below.

Looking at this picture I know two things; 1) I need to lose weight and I need a different helmet, I look like a dork. Anyway, Made it back though that was in doubt many times during the ride. The final total, 67 miles. Took forever though. We were slow, by a lot.

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