Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just keep swimming

Day 4

I slept in Jacks room last night, we were both in bed and sleeping by 10:00, likely 9:45. If I had not mentioned it before, both he and William have new Bunk Beds.

Kim told me a funny story about Wil last night. But I need to go back and give some details. William decided with his new bedroom furniture he would open a massage parlor in his room. For a long time he has had an open/closed sign on his door. He used to tell me his room was a store, though the sales for his store were slow. The new massage business was better. He charges $0.50 per minute or $1 per minute with music, (his Ipod). Okay, last night. Kim had gone into Wil’s room but did not see him. She called out’ “Wil...” “yes” where are you, I’m in my office. He was sitting at his desk, it is part of the bunk bed. "What are you doing". Wil was sitting there with his elbows on the desk and fist at his chin. “I’m thinking of how I can get more business”. Classic. "I need more foot traffic" Funny. I went to bed with a smile on my face.

I woke up in a flash. Jacks bunk bed is full size bed on top and a futon that converts into a couch. really cool for a kid that age. I actually like the bottom futon bed, it is firm, and feels good.

I made my way down stairs and I was off, as always, there were several reasons to not go. But the one very important reason to go, Boston Qualifying. I need to keep my conditioning up. I swam 3400 meters or 2.11 meters. That is some real swimming. I felt strong and best, I was faster than the last few times out. I averaged between 1:45 – 1:50, not too shabby for me.

I have much to do today and I want to follow up on some old leads. I will strap it on and get it done. Tomorrow is a 13 mile run at 8:00 or under. It will be tough, but running with Jay makes it more fun. It is always better to run with a running buddy.

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