Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wackey Wednesday

Day 3

Morning came around early. I felt fairly rested though going down the stairs was difficult. Dame me for breaking my ankle. Today was track day and it was not looking too hard. 3 x1600, essentially 3 one mile repeats, with a 60 second RI.

A rookie joined us today, Michelle, an ex-collegiate LSU swimmer. Jeff did not join, too bad. The jog down was good, the new “Jumbotron” could be seen well before we arrived at the track and lit up the entire track. Felt like a fly drawn to the flame. The looming Jumbotron was something different. It gave the track an odd look. Not bad when your back was to the screen, but running into the lights flashing DEFENSE, DEFENSE made you wonder if you should be getting into a three point stance. Perhaps Rocky running up the stairs might have been more inspirational.

The first mile was a little fast, 6:30, I lead, I knew I was fast. Jay took the next mile, we nailed it right on, perhaps a few seconds fast. I took the last mile, I was right on the first two laps, though, I slowed by 3-4 seconds on the third, caught day dreaming, I was mesmerized by the big screen. I picked it up on the last lap, a little too much though and we finished at roughly 6:36, not too bad. There was a lot left in the tank for both Jay and I.

We ran in to Ann Marie on the way back, she is also running in Huntsville, as is Brian (Patrick), Corey’s wife and her friend. This is going to be a great run. My weight, was 181… damn me for eating those French fries last night. I was good all day too. Need to work on the will power. Rats!

Hitting the weights at lunch and core again as well. My goal is to be lean and mean. Thinking about the “Pre” moustache. Hmmmm.

Today I have a lot of work to do. Two demos and I am lining a up a good deal of business. I need to knock it out.

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