Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday the 13th?

Day 5

Friday. The next 16 weeks my Fridays are going to start with a nice long run. Today was just the start, 13 miles. Jay who is also training with me to qualify for Boston also ran. Luckily we are both in good shape to start. The plan dictates at marathon pace, plus 40 seconds. As our target is 8:00/mile, that would be 8:40, ridiculous. We decide we do not want to cut it so close, so we plan for a 7:50/mile, and that makes it 8:30, still too slow. Jay and I roughly figure 8:20 would be easy, so we go with that. Now, easy is a relative term, as today’s run is in the hills. Lots of them, the first 9 miles in fact. We ran well and ended with a 8:09 pace, too quick, but we’ll not worry about that. The course was a bit too dangerous for my liking. Two or three occasion where there were no sidewalks. Dangerous.

Work was good and a new lead came in. Chad and I will split the opportunity.

Jack had a difficult time sleeping this night. Very worried about his first real game on Saturday. He’ll be fine.

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