Sunday, August 16, 2009

Frustrating Friday For dad and son

Day 30

Friday morning. Amazing how you can wake up and say, I am going to run, 12 miles today; even more amazing when you tell yourself that you want it to be hard, so you’ll run in the hills. The prescription for the day though; 12 miles of running and building up the legs. Last week I did this course, only 10 miles, and had a great time of 7:42, this day was not the same. At the turn I was already 42 seconds behind. I ended up running just at 8 minutes per mile. Not really what I was aiming for. The best part, I was well prepared for the day and an early meeting. I did great with the presentation and secured us to the next round.

Later that afternoon Jack had his first day of real hitting. He was given a full release from the Doc’s. The nerves were working and as he was lining up for the first drill, he threw up. We had to move the drill. That said he came back and in his first shot leveled the guy. The rest of the practice was not as good for him and he struggled when given the chance to QB. I was in pain for him as I know he is a good quarterback.

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