Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh what a week

Day 33-37

It has been a challenging week, with my job, parenting and running. Sunday I flew out to Miami, I finally arrived at my hotel at 3:00 AM.

Monday started at 8:00, there was very little sleep and no running, I the schedule was a 7 mile run. It did not happen. The meetings were good not great.

I did meet with my brother though on Monday night and we watched Monday Night Football, pre-season, the giants were on and the girl serving us was cute and flirtatious. Always strokes the ego.

Tuesday was my run day, I had nothing, and knew it. So rather than frustration, I ran with my brother. It was good, I enjoyed the conversation. I had another quick meeting and flew back home.

Wednesday was track day, my favorite, through I was having a difficult day and did not perform. I was 10-20 seconds off each mile. What is going on. The highlight of the day, week maybe was Jack putting the hammer down on the quarter back during our first scrimmage. He threw him to the ground.

Thursday was a nightmare, an easy swim at lunch, but work was a disaster. Nothing good happened.

Friday, finally. A few good opportunities at work, closed one small deal, and everything else was okay. Practice was okay. The run in the morning was fantastic, best workout all week. I ran my 10 miles at a 7:35 pace. I ran with Jay and we picked each other up in various areas.

I am glad that I ended the week with a strong run, it would have been disappointing to finish my fitness training poorly. I have not ended with the weight I wanted, and the last few week my running has been off. Two days of rest and I start training to qualify for Boston.

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