Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just keep swimming...

Day 21

Going to bed early last night helped. It was still later than I would have liked, but at least it was not past 11:00. I woke up and headed over to the John’s Creek LTF, about 5 miles further than the LTF that I usually go to. When I walked on the pool deck, I saw the outdoor pool was closed and the inside pool was packed. Crap. Corey and Jeff were sitting on the side and it looked like we would be going home. Luckily, the masters group was nice enough to give up one lane.

The swim was good, though Jeff, Corey and Jay are way too fast for me. We started with a 600 warm up, followed by 6 x 100 and 3 x 200. Basically as fast as these guys were swimming they were getting about 20 seconds rest, while I essentially swam a non-stop 1,200 meters. We followed this by 4 x 150 paddles. At this time, Corey and Jeff were just getting warmed up. Me, I am in my fitness stage… I hit another 200 as a cool down and was out of the pool.

My weight… way to high. Not happy I’ll say it, 183.6. Crap!!!! I really have to get this under control. Three weeks more of fitness until marathon training starts. I want my weight under 178. I really want to be at 175.

I have a lot to do at work today and want to get and early start. I’ll try hitting the weights at lunch and tonight we’ll bike about 26 miles. Tomorrow is track… whew, I’m tired already and at some point today I have to move all the boys furniture out of their rooms. Busy day!

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