Monday, August 31, 2009

8, sk8 and dough8

Day 8

Monday. well it goes to show you that you should never make any assumptions. I thought today’s workout would be a “walk in the park” or maybe a “run in the park”. It was neither. Rather, it was extremely tough, mentally and somewhat physically. It might have been the mental part as I did the tempo run on the treadmill with Jay. Whatever the reason, I found myself, watching the clock. The warm up, a slow pace was hard, the 5 miles at 7:53, hard, even the EZ cool down… hard. Dang! How am I going to run 21 additional miles at that pace. Grrrr. Just last week I ran 12 miles at 7:50 or less. So why am I having trouble now. I guess that is why it is a 16 week program and not a 2 week program. I need to teach my body to respond when fatigued, Check!

I stretched and did my core. Came home, very productive morning at work.

Lunch, I went back to the gym, weights, for fun I benched 225lbs, most I have done in a while, remember, I am about building strength not mass right now. Did my second set of core, call me bobby six pack. Afternoon full of work. Time to get back at it.

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