Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today I was 6'3"

Day 9 for Boston Qualifier training and the first day of September, another year flying by. I guess that happens when you are busy. Good to be busy in life.

Today was Swim. I must admit to being very proud to have hit swim class 3 days in a row now. I like the class and I know what I need to work on… long in the water, the coach said imagine you are 6'3", use small scissor kicks and rotate the body and hips together. I did a few times and it felt good. I need to make it an all the time thing and than introduce power back into my stroke. My swim times were not as great today as they were on Thursday. If I can get this technique down, I too believe I can see a significant drop in my swim time.

Today we did about 2 miles of swimming. I felt good. I have a number of errands to do today and a significant amount of work. Everything must get done.

Wil’s leg was hurting him this AM, so I drove him to school. I think he was just looking for a little Daddy time, that is a good thing too. Jack has a Math and Science quiz today, later he’ll be practicing as the quarterback. I think he’ll do great. He is a smart kid. Both the boys have an intelligence that is beyond their years.

I did not weigh myself today, I was rushing to get home, I may weigh myself at lunch and see the damage. Yesterday was a tough and I felt like I ate all day.

Bobalu called yesterday with an interesting opportunity. We’ll see how that works out.

Tomorrow is track only 4 x 800 piece of cake! Guess that is rest for the 15 miles on Friday. Wahoo!

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