Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Running on Tired Legs

Day 36

Boston Qualifying Training. I stayed up to watch a little football and knew that my tempo run would take place at lunch. I spent the better part of the morning in what seemed like a scramble, first preparing for a Board meeting followed by multiple calls to close an opportunity. I had to push my lunch run until 1:15, but I finally got out there.

I did not have much time as just before I was ready to go, a mom from Jack's football team emailed saying their game from the weekend would be made up tonight. Tonight! That was less than 5 hours from that point. I called the head coach and we discussed a plan he would get the call list of the parents and after the run we would start calling.

The run was a tempo run, medium tempo for 5 miles I added a mile warm up. The first mile was so slow, if felt like I was running 9 – 10 minutes per mile. When I hit the 1 mile marker, it was 8 minutes flat. I was dumbfounded. I re-set my watch and set off on the 5 mile tempo. I was running right into a stiff wind. It was work, I was having a great deal of difficulty judging my speed, my legs felt tired and stiff. I knew I had not stretched enough after my long run last week. this was the result of skipping my stretching.

At the 1st mile I was at 7:12… too fast. I backed it off focused on stride and made a mental note to control speed. The wind was no longer in my face and there was a slight downhill at this part, I kept and even stride for most of the mile, the 2nd mile was 7:00 minutes even. Way off pace, target is 7:30.

I hit the turn around and was heading back. I knew this part would be back into the wind and it was. It was slightly up hill too. I really focused on keeping pace and as my legs were feeling fatigued, doing so would be critical. I hit the mark closer to the pace with a 7:26, better.

My legs were really getting tired and I had two more miles to go, come on. I thought to myself, I need to learn how to run on tired legs. They will get tired during the marathon. So deal with it. The next mile, was up and down with wind on my face for the first half and my back for the second half. I hit it at 7:18, the last mile was no wind and slightly uphill. I hit that mile in nearly 7 flat.

The run was too fast, I was happy to be done and my legs were screaming at me. Average pace 7:12, target 7:30, performance review, poor. My legs were stiff, I was tired, bad nutrition in the morning, it was hot and humid, but none of that contributes to me not holding pace. I know the wind was making it difficult to judge, but I need to do better.

I shower and hop on the scale, 178. Not bad. Jumping in the car I make 30 phone calls for work and for the football game tonight. I go home finish up the days work and go pick up the boys for football.

The kids play hard and pull out a victory. Several kids have big games including Jack. He looked good and ran for 28 yards picking up two first downs. He also had 2-3 good tackles and a fumble recovery.

Not a bad Monday.

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