Friday, September 4, 2009

Fifteen Friday

Day 12

Boston Qualifying Training. I woke this morning at 3:40 AM, wide awake. Not just a little bit awake, roll over and sleep some more, rather I was middle of the day awake. It is typical for me to wake up a few times before a long run, but usually, I can close my eyes and drift right back to sleep. Not today, I was mad. This was more about the game last night, a loss. It was terrible, no-continuity, the play calling terrible. I blew at least 4-6 plays for the boys. I felt bad. As I laid there awake I kept running the game through my head and all the decisions I should have made. I fully understand that you can not go undefeated all the time, but losing a game you should have won because of bad play calling or decisions, that one twisted in my head. I kept thinking as bad as we played, we only lost, 12 – 7. Dang!

Fifty minutes later the alarm went off. I was all to happy to get out of bed and run the demons out of me. I made the bottle drops and met Jay at LTF. Just as I had hoped yesterday, the weather was cool, the moon was out and it was a great morning for a run. I looked at Jay knowing we had 15 miles to run, not an issue. The issue was not could we run fast enough, rather could we run slow enough. We started off, a casual conversational pace. Saw AM and Brian (Patrick) heading the other way on Marta. Our pace was steady, though we did naturally pick it up in a few areas, mostly hills. Our goal was a pedestrian 8:45 per mile. We did well, though not 8:45, we hit 8:28 per mile. It was easy, though I could tell my legs were starting to feel the miles on the hill up Westside Parkway as we neared the end, specifically the left leg which seems to be doing all the work. I need to balance my stride.

I feel we could have done this run at 8:00 - 8:10 and possibly felt better, but that is not the plan. Jay and I are both struggling with the concept of these longer slower runs. How are we supposed to just turn on the faster time for 26 miles? We finally rationalized that we are building up endurance, doing so at a slower pace to ready our body for the time it will be out there running 26 miles, while increasing the strength of our legs as we progress in the 16 week program. That as we near the end our speed will increase and our body will have adapted to the stress.

Knowing this it is my expectation that I will not have the interruptions in the training program like I did last time. Last time there were days I could barely walk it hurt so bad. I remember sitting at my desk rotating ice packs and taking Tylenol all day. I’ll stick to the plan. I have now completed 2 weeks and have 14 more to go.

Busy day at work, too many calls to make and budgets to piece together. Looking forward to Wil’s first ever football practice. He is very excited about playing football. I think he is mostly excited about doing what Jack and Dad are doing, cool.

Wil is making great progress. I came home last night after our loss, feeling crummy, and Wil rushed up to me beaming. He was bursting at the seams to tell me he read his book all by himself. A huge accomplishment as reading has been an issue. He is making great progress. He told Kim, he used to think reading was boring, but now it is fun. Good for Wil.

Weight… 178! Good for me! I love those long runs! Post Race Breakfast Pic for Jeff

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Lou said...

Great work this AM, Bob; same to Jay. Keep up the good stuff! (and don't sweat the loss...learn and apply)