Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Run Day

Day 22

Boston Qualifying Training. A good Monday morning. I made my way to the gym and hit the treadmill. Today is a tempo day, 1 EZ, 4 at Medium Threshold Pace and 1 EZ, the pace was 7:24. Okay, so Saturday I did my tempo run and it felt pretty good, in fact it felt like I was going too slow while I was running.

Today on the treadmill, I found it difficult to keep the pace. I did keep the pace, but it was an effort to do so. Jay was running next to me, he looked to be running with no effort, real smooth.

The stretching felt good, need to really hit the weights today at lunch. My weight, 179. Not bad. Really want to get down to the 175-176 number somewhere around the middle of the training. I do not want to hit that number at the end of the training, that was a mistake last time.

A lot of meetings today. Ready to hit it. For Jeff I included a picture… Not much to look at today.

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