Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Swimmming in the Rain

Day 23
Boston Qualifying Training. Clearly the dedication in s showing, I went to bed and NFL football was on TV. I knew I would need my sleep these next two nights, not just for the early swim today, but more for tomorrow’s 20 miles, the first of 5 in this training program.

I rolled out of bed and felt rested, a little hungry, but rested. I actually followed Melissa's car, another swimmer in the neighborhood, as we both drove to the gym. Over the past two months, a construction crew has been working to put in a sidewalk that will lead all the way to my neighborhood. That is great, as it is now a very dangerous street, I have only run 2-3 times as it is just to risky. I was pleased to see their progress, mostly as I know it will give me more running options, especially on the upcoming long runs.

This morning, the swim coach asked if I was ready to move to the next lane. Likely I was, though, I really do not want to focus as much on picking up my swimming right now, so I waved it off until next week. I felt good in the water today, through my legs are still an issue. My early sets had me going at about 1:50 per 100, not great. Unfortunately, it got worse, I dropped to 1:55 for the final set of 10 x 100. Something to work on after December 12th. I enjoyed the middle set as it stared raining, coming down heavy at times. Fun! Checked my weight, 179, and I am starving.

Got home and had some vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries, a tall glass of juice, man was it good. Bad news, I felt bad as we were so late swimming today, we did 3,400 meters or 2.11 miles, I did not get to walk Wil to the bus stop. I hate that. Next time I will cut it short.

Another of the many stories about Wil. Last night I read him a book before he went to bed. We joked around and I told him to brush his teeth and I would be back in to say good night. As I walk back in his room and he is in bed, however, I see his boxers are on the edge of his bed? I ask him, “Wil, did you change boxers?”. “Nope.” Puzzled, I pause… than it hits me… “Wil are you naked…?” “Yep!” I shake my head “What?” “Why?” “My body needs to breath” He says with a big smirk on his face. I smile to myself, and shake my head as I say good night and turn off the light.

I sign Jacks report card, 4 A's and 2 B's. Not bad. They are Jack's first "B's". I tell him not to sweat it. I think he was shocked.

Light weights today at lunch and a few errands. I will try to get out to the gym by 11:00 today and really work on stretching and core.

Wil's Fat Head - Go Giants!

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