Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday... rest, work, rest.

Day 28

Boston Qualifying Training. Sunday morning. I feel drunk from the loss last night. I keep going over in my mind, how I could have called a better game. The family wakes up and we make our way for breakfast at Mel’s. It is a good breakfast and fills me for the day.

I spend the day replacing door knobs downstairs. We have removed all the gold door knobs downstairs. Upstairs is next. I could spend the next year working only on the house. If I had the money.

I have a meeting down on 75 it goes for 3.5 hours. I come home and I have work to do… I sit and watch the games while I work. I finish it up as I watch the Giants.
Tomorrow I start week number 5 with a tempo run.

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