Sunday, September 27, 2009

Irish Win!

Day 34

Boston Qualifying Training. A good Saturday morning as I finished up week 5 of the 16 week training program. My right ankle is stiff and I spent a good part of yesterday limping around. As I lay awake I think about my friends in Augusta, getting ready for tomorrow's race.

Everyone was asleep in the house, so I decided to quietly go down stairs and make a big breakfast, pancakes, hashbrowns, toast, sausage, chocolate milk… the smell of breakfast brought everyone down and we had a nice start to the day. A few errands to run with the family as we got ready for the two football games, Wil at 2:45 and Jack at 8. I took the boys and Kim to 5 Guys after our errands to fuel what would be along afternoon and evening.

We arrived at Wil’s game and the parents were great about getting the boys there early. It really helps to run through the plays before the game. Wil’ team, the Irish was facing the Bulldogs. We won the coin toss and marched down the field, however the sky opened up on us and it started to rain, heavy rain. We stalled with two bad center exchanges. It was third and long. Time to call out a reverse, the field was getting slick and I thought this might work. The snap was good, the first hand-off, good, the next one was great, everyone was following the first guy, Aaron as Preston came around in the opposite direction. Wil was now the lead blocker and there was only one guy to beat. Wil ran right into him sealed the deal with a great block as Preston went in for the Irish’s first score of the season.

The game went back and forth and Wil had a few bad plays including an interception at our goal that resulted in a Bulldog touchdown.

The Irish battled back now down by one score. The team played strong and each member contributed to the drive. We scored on an end around play on the left side. But we were down by one point. I went for two… I called Wil’s number, Power Shift Right, Quarterback Sweep, right side. The two running backs went in motion we were aligned heavy on the right side, the ball was snapped, Wil took off, great blocking, though Wil had one many to beat, he went for Wil’s flag, Wil pulled his hip away with a juke and ran into the end zone! Irish win!

A great way to start the season. The boys were all soaked and covered in mud as it rained the entire game. Wil had blood running down his arm from a big cut, with his two missing teeth and the blood he looked like Jack Lambert.

After the game Wil said he wanted some “Victory Fries” from McDonald's. Jacks Game was later cancelled do to rain and lightening. We all hung out and watch a movie as a family. Not a bad Saturday.

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