Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday 911

Day 19

Boston Qualifying Training. I just looked at my watch for the date and saw that today is 9/11. I do not think many people will ever forget the absolute tragedy or horror that happen on this date. I can clearly recall the morning. I was in Denver, Colorado, and the night before had seen the opening of Invesco Field. The Bronco’s were playing the Giants, and my friend and boss at the time had surprised me with tickets. The game was good, but the Giants lost and Joe Juraviccious had broken his leg and was out for the season.

I had gotten up early and was out for my run. I recall another runner was following me and trying to catch me on the run. As my personality back than, I did not let that happen. I returned to the hotel, finishing my run and waited for the other runner and we talked about how nice the weather was. I smiled to myself when he said he had been trying to catch me, but with no luck. Really I replied, I did not know you were there. I know pretty pathetic. Later that day I was to meet with Bill Gate’s brother-in-law, he had a distance learning company and we were looking to see how we could help him. The other runner and I walked into the hotel and saw a number of pilots and flight attendants standing by the lobby TV. As we were staying near the Airport that was not a big deal, but clearly something was up.

As I made my way over to the group, the images of the single tower in flame and smoking were startling. The flight attendant said “someone accidentally flew into the tower”. I looked and the day was perfectly clear in NY, the sky was almost cloudless and there was no haze. It did not seem to make sense. There was already a video of the plane hitting the building and I turned to the pilot standing next to me and asked him how big was the plane that hit the building, he was pale, he looked and me and coldly said, those are the planes we fly. I turned to the girl and said, clearly this was not an accident, at that time, the second plane hit the second tower. I looked back to her and said, we are under attack.

I was in those towers only two weeks earlier and was to be there two day later for another meeting. I recall while I was there wanting to go to the observation deck, but deciding I could do that next time. That never happened. A neighbor and friend of my lost his brother that day... too many people did. We should never forget how much people fear freedom.

This morning, I woke and was tired from getting up early that last two days, I decided that my run would have to wait until lunch. My body needed rest. I wanted to map out a good run and put in my key mile markers. This tempo run I feel is significantly important to being ready for the marathon and I do not want to just mail it in.

There is a lot of work to do this morning and I want to get that done and run with a clear and purposeful mind this afternoon.

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