Sunday, September 20, 2009

Game Day Saturday

Day 27

Boston Qualifying Training. Game day is here. I can not sleep. I wake up at 2 AM and can barely wait to play. I lay there in bed with plays going through my head… plays for Wil’s team and plays for Jack’s team. I can not sleep. I get up and wander around the house, I even played Madden for a bit. I finally am tired and go back to bed. I am back up again and it is 6:15… I run to go get donut holes for Wil and Jack.

The boys get up and Wil is dressed and ready to play. We load the car and get to the field. As we are warming up the rains come… hard… harder yet. The game is cancelled. Rats. We go home and enjoy the day and get ready for Jack’s night game.

Jack’s game. We are playing the undefeated Red Eagles. Jack is starting quarterback. The game starts well. Jack marches the boys down the field we go down to the 4 yard line… off sides, motion, off sides. Four plays later we are not in the end zone. The play goes back and forth for the first half. It is 0 – 0 at half time.

The second half, we are stopped on the first drive. The next series, the Red Eagles make their way down field with poor tackling by Jack's team. Touch down. Jack's team from that point forward plays deflated. Worse, the offensive line falls apart, Jack is getting killed in the backfield. To his credit, he is not rattled. He holds his own, but it is an up hill battle.

The final score, 14 – 0. I go for a few beers with Jack after the game. I tell him he did a good job. I toss and turn most of the night looking for ways that we could have won the game. We will see these guys again.

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