Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

Day 18

Boston Qualifying Training. I knew I had a meeting in Birmingham and had to pick up work colleagues at the airport at 9:00. Doing some quick math, I set my alarm for 4:00 AM. I knew that going to bed before 10 would pay off. I woke at 4 and zipped to LTF. I had my laptop and “business attire” in the car. I was in the pool by 4:30 and had a 2000 meters done by 5:30. Hopped out of the pool, shower and dressed.

Jumping in the car, I was headed west on I-20 and made it to the Birmingham Airport, it was a rather uneventful drive over to Birmingham. I did notice that there was an exceptional amount of laundry on the side of the road in Alabama. Huh. Anyway, I picked up my colleagues, had a quick lunch and we were off to the meeting.

The meeting was a great and the it was refreshing to meet with another healthcare group that understood the opportunity to connect the various stakeholders to provide a seamless and meaningful solution to eliminate the fiction that has for so long been inherent to healthcare.

The group has a new VP that clearly “gets it”! One of the better/smarter guys I have met in HC in a while. Clearly our visions are aligned.

Sped home, (really) I was going about 85 miles per hour to get home in time for opening kick-off with Jack. Go NFL, Go Giants! Okay.. back to working out.

Tempo run tomorrow… 7 miles, 1 EZ, 5 at tempo (7:45/mile) 1 EZ. No Jay tomorrow. Just me, the street and my ipod.

Weight… 181. Dang!

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