Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday's Splash

Day 13

Boston Qualifying Training. I woke up early. It felt good. There were a few things to get done around the house before the weekend got started. Kim and I surprised the boys telling them we were heading to the Lake Linear Water Park. We had breakfast at Mel’s and off we went.

We checked into the hotel early, and were the first ones in the park. That was a great idea, we hit the all the slides before the park got crowded. I hated that I was not getting a workout in this morning, but I certainly walked a bunch of stairs and hills.

The best slide by far was the “Intimidator” Easily a 30 foot drop. When you get on the slide, it appears to drop right off the edge. What a blast. You actually leave the slide and free fall for a period of time. Wil dropped for about 15-20 feet in a complete free fall. Later that night we all went out to diner, and all ate too much.

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