Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wet Thursday

Day 11

A great morning. I left my Mustang outside last night so I could drive it to the workout this morning. It was great driving to LTF, the coming autumn weather felt good and the air was cool and crisp. I was thinking ahead to how great it would be running tomorrow in the cooler weather. Perfect for a long 15 miler.

Today, however, was Masters swim class. This is now my 4th day in a row for making it to swim class. The lane six group is not too happy with me; they say I am too fast, (comical). It is kind of like being the tallest midget. I am still far slower than I would like to be and when the conditioning goes, my stroke falls a part. That is bad considering it not a great stroke to start with. That said, I did have a few moments where it was clicking, and the 200’s were going at a 1:45/100 pace, so getting there. Meant to take my camera with me for a morning pool photo... (sorry Jeff) I am certain all the women there would appreciate that. Maybe Tuesday.

It rained sporadically while we swam, though I never felt it. I was told they kept announcing at the gym that there was a blue Mustang with the top down. Ha. A little wet when I left, but the rain stopped and I enjoyed the ride home.

I’ll hit the weights at lunch, nothing too much, really want to focus on core and stretching today; perhaps spin for twenty minutes to warm up.

Looking forward to tonight’s football game, Jack plays the Green Eagles at 6:30. I need to get the game plan together later this afternoon. Should be a good game, we’ll see. Likely we will hit Taco Mac and catch a quarter of the Giants football game after Jack's game.

Need to make it a quick night, 4:30 wake up and 5: 00 AM start, 15 miles, marathon pace plus, 45 seconds. I doubt we’ll go that slow, but likely it will be a conversational pace and not as quick as last week. I am still struggling with the idea of going this slow for these longer runs, but will keep on schedule.

Weight, still hanging around 181. Goal for the rest of the day… watch my food intake.

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