Friday, February 26, 2010

water equals conditioning

Friday. Day 53. The alarm yanks me right out of the middle of a dream. I am startled and it takes me while to figure out what is going on. There is a big difference between waking up at 5:00 versus waking up at 4:40. No wonder I am startled when the alarm rings.

Grabbing my gear I am dreading the run. I like this run, but I know that my conditioning is slipping. The time I have taken away from the pool during the month of February is taking a toll and it is this run where it really shows up.

At the gym, I layer up, the temperature is a very brisk 25 degrees, but he wind is dropping it down to 18. It just feels cold. The run is not long, an easy 8 at a 7:33 pace. Starting, the first mile is not too bad, I am having difficulty with my breathing, but mostly due to the cold air, it is preventing me from taking in a deep breath of air. The next mile is a gradual uphill climb, the legs and lungs are warming up but he extra effort is evident. Mile 2-3 is just ridiculous. It is up and down, with a big uphill net gain and rather than pace this part of the run, we were hitting it. Well jay was hitting it, I was hanging on thinking this one is tough. My other thought was an immediate understanding of just how much conditioning that swimming twice a week was providing. At the end of January, I was killing this course and this run was far easier. A month ago I ran our 8 mile LT run at a 7:16 pace. Today we ran the 8 miles in 7:22, but it felt much, much harder.

March is coming next week and I will be back in the pool.

Okay let's try that again

Thursday. Day 52. Work calls. I make it to the gym at lunch and for the second straight day in a row, I have to cut the workout short, yesterday I did not make it out of the locker room before I needed to head back for an unexpected meeting. Today I made it through two stations of weights and had to head back to the take care of work issues. No work out again. This is not going to help.

The day ends well as the boys and I watch the Olympics on the couch. Tomorrow will be a tough workout.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wil's Spirit

Wednesday. Day 51. Track day. I feel sluggish. I woke up several times during the night, I also know that I am feeling heavy, I ate far too much yesterday. Arriving at the gym, I sit waiting for the gang. My usual exuberance for track is not with me today. Today I will just get it done.

Typically, I am wanting to push the speed, not today, I just do not feel right. Perhaps the lack of sleep, perhaps my bad eating habit yesterday, the cause is unknown. The workout is 6 x 800 at 3:07. A ridiculously easy pace, that would usually leave me wanting to go faster. Not today. My problem might be the reduced condition from not swimming. Who am I kidding; I know that is the cause. I need to get back to the pool.

As we were running back from the track this morning I thought I would share an interesting little story. We Marinich’s as a family we have been watching the Olympics every night. It has been great as we talk about the athletes, the competition and all the positive things that go along with athletic competition. At dinner, Wil asked, “Dad, why are we watching the Olympics.” I told him it is our opportunity to see the power of the “human spirit”. He paused, thought about that for while then said, “Wow, I like that.” “Let’s keep watching.” Pretty cool.

As we sat at the gym stretching post run, I realized I see the human spirit around me every day; my friends, the other athletes, as each of us take time to improve ourselves, physically and mentally. This morning was a small example, each of us this morning could have easily said, no, not today, Corey’s banged up toe, Jay and I suffering from lack of a good night sleep, or Susan’s desire to not run in the cold. We all had a choice, but really in the end there was no choice, we were all going to do our workout, it is ingrained in our spirits, our desire to be better, not just better athletes, but people.

The frustration from the run slips away as I consider these ideas. I did the workout, It was actually faster than prescribed. Though I was not ripping it up today, I won the day. My “spirit” persevered, and though it did not land me on the medal stand, I will walk with a greater pride having won a small victory.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Spotlight

Tuesday. Day 50. No workout today, however… Spotlight Artist of the week, “nuff said.”

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cramps, a Busted Toe and no Water...

Monday. Day 49. I stayed up too late watching Canada versus USA in hockey. I watch about one hockey game every 4 years. I must admit, this one was a good one to watch. Waking up I am beat, I turn on the Blackberry hoping that Jay might want to push the workout time to later… a long shot, but I am really tired. Checking my messages… yep. Jay is not feeling well, done in again by a turkey burger, I told him not to eat those things, but this time it worked in my favor, sorry Jay. I rolled over and gabbed some much needed Zzzz’s.

I grind out the morning at work and hit the gym at lunch. Unexpectedly, I run into Corey who in the locker, he is looking a bit rough. I ask him if he ran on Sunday. One word answer, “nope”. Something is up. Down might be the better a description. Corey goes on to tell me while at Lowes, he had a board of MDF land square on his big toe, the “captain of the toes”.

Looking at the toe, he will lose that nail. With all the work he is doing to prepare for Boston, I hope it falls off soon. It would be better if it does. The only other option would have been to drill the toenail, but he would have had to do it yesterday when it happened. I’ve done it myself, it hurts, and sounds really gory, but it works.

Jay is feeling better and we need to knock out a tough workout. 1 EZ, 1 (7:03), 1 EZ, 2 fast, 1 EZ, 1 fast, 1 EZ. A tough workout indeed. Jay guts through the cramps and pains, hard to do, but he did it. Corey even with the wrecked big toe grinds out his workout, clearly internalizing the pain.

I forgot my water bottle, however with Jay running through cramps and Corey running with a broken toe, I did not want to complain. Sure enough, Corey bails me out with his water bottle. Thanks bud, I was getting pretty dry.

Weight, well I have been reluctant to step on the scale. However I drum up the courage and am rewarded with a pleasant surprise 178. Yeah.

Getting better

Sunday. Day 48. Breakfast, groceries, errands… Check, check and check. Back at Home, Kim knows I am on a quest to get the car done for late spring. She tells me to go play. The results…

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let the sunshine in

Saturday. Day 47. Even as a grown man, I wake up every Saturday like I am a little kid, with thoughts of Spanky from the Little Rascals singing, “Oh it’s Saturday, it's Saturday”. Nothing but fun for me today.

Hopping out of bed, I head down the stairs and start making breakfast for the family. Family fueled for the morning, I head to the garage, the Mustang is waiting.

It is my goal to have the floors done this weekend. I have been spending the last few weeks cutting, grinding and welding, replacing the cancerous rusted metal with nice clean new steel.

My goal is to restore the Mustang to a nice “driver” condition, nice enough to turn heads, but not so nice that if I want to take it for ice cream, I don’t worry about the boys dropping it on the floor.

Here is what the floors looked like what I started.

This is progress... Looking forward to cruising in sunshine this spring.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Well he only ran 40 miles

Friday. Day 46. 4:40 AM up early, I am feeling the effects of a few beers and staying up too late, but worked called I also like this client, I consider her a friend and really enjoy her company, a great spirit.

This morning I am inspired, earlier this morning, a gym friend started a personal journey, a person challenge consisting of a forty mile run. Before joining him for his last 4 miles, Jay and Corey and I had a 10 mile run at 7:30. Corey was doing more than that, he too started the day early and was hooking up with us after he warmed up with an 8.2 mile run.

Together Jay, Corey and I started at 5:15 AM. The pace was consistent, ranging from 7:28 – 7:30. Corey hung towards the back, he was simply in cruise control mode. He knew what he need to do and was locked in for the workout. Jay seemed to hold back the first five miles but clearly had the back half in mind. I struggled. My left quad went down early, and was hurting by the third mile. I knew it was going to be a tough run for me today. Ah yes, another character building run. Just finishing the fifth mile Jay turned it on and I played catch up for the next 5 miles. The weaker I got, the stronger he became. I was holding on for the last mile, the run was finished, the time was met, but the difference was Jay ran strong from start to finish, I ran well from 1-5 and was on the edge for the last 5 miles.

The lack of swimming in the past few weeks has taken its toll and my conditioning has slipped as my weight has increased.

Arriving back at the gym, there is a group of runners waiting for our friend to arrive as he finishes his 36th mile! We see him enter the parking lot escorted by a group that joined him at mile 22 and more again at mile 30. High fives all around, and cheers of support, a few chants of 4 more, 4 more, and the group of now nearly 20 runners take off as he finishes his 40 mile personal challenge.

Way cool. I had planned on running the last four but looking at the clock and the large pack of runners, knew it was time for me to go… he had the support of many and one more would not be noticed.

I thought about the human spirit and the positive energy that he brought to so many with the courage of his personal 40 mile challenge, all I can say is wow!

One more for the road...

Thursday. Day 45. Life is about finding a balance… I lost my balance today, work started early and ended late. Meeting a client over cocktails until late in the night, this will make getting up at 4:40 much more difficult.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go ahead... make me mad, see what happens

Wednesday. Day 44. Track day. Nothing puts me in the right frame of mind like starting the day at the track. Better, it is cold and windy. The weather is mean, too bad… I’m in a bad mood and that just make me more angry, meaner. The warm up to the track is faster than normal, I am anxious to get it started.

At the track the wind is picking up, it will hit us right in the face while we run. With a lap to clear the track I can feel the wind pushing as I round the first curve, literally trying to push me off the track. Too bad, I’m here and I am not leaving.

I suck in the cold air, pulling it deep into my lungs. I am ready. 10 x 400 @ 1:31, I am the aggressor, my first 200 I am fast, 41 seconds. I want to keep the pace, but know there is more to come. The wind is strong but it really does not both me, I find myself wanting to yell as the winds howls down the track. The harder it blows the faster I want to run. I am tired of the pulling back the reigns. The times are not consistent, and range from 1:24 – 1:30. I want to let the horses go… a few more weeks of restraint and that is going to change.

At the gym during lunch, I can feel my body getting stronger, a couple more weeks and I will start pulling off the weight.

February 16, 2010

Tuesday. Lost... just lost. Today the bear won. Tomorrow I fight, bring it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost Identity

My computer lost it's identity yesterday. Last night I did something unusual, I completely shut down my computer. Little did I know that this little box that helps me make my living would get lost, not physically, but it forgot who it was. When I went to log on in the morning, I gave my Microsoft three finger salute, typed in my user ID and password... nothing. Huh? Thinking I mis-typed, I repeated the process. Same result. I felt like Rocky in the first movie, looking in his hat to make sure he had remembered the locker combination. I remove my cheat sheet of passwords and sure enough... same results. After 40 minutes with support trying every backdoor combination to allow me entry, it was decided... nothing could be done.

When I asked our tech guy what happened he shared that, "my computer forgot who it was". He said the only thing I could do was to send it back to Dallas, that plugging it back into the main network, rather than VPN, would ground the system and help it remember who it was.

I thought about that, for a moment and have to admit, I too am feeling a bit like my computer every once in a while. I forget who I am, what I am doing and why I am doing it. I expect that all of us have desires of not being just ordinary, but extraordinary. Each night during the Olympics I see the extraordinary, those who's dedication and drive propel them to the elite in their sport. But it exist beyond sport, we see it in business, entertainment, government, those who are truly extraordinary. There are days I can find that drive inside myself, but lately I feel ordinary. There are those that say ordinary is good, I'm not sure that I would agree, at least not for myself.

During my workout I struggle, it was not too hard, 1 mile EZ, 3 miles at 7:03 (I did 6:58, due to the treadmill) and 1 mile EZ, but my mind kept thinking about being extraordinary. Done, I was more frustrated than when I started my run.

I was now in a foul mood. Is this it. Is this me, not what I pictured, who am I really. With my computer losing it's way, it seemed to be a mirror held up to my face. I too have lost my way.

Back home I see the boys and we hang out, playing a few games and running a few errands. my bad mood starts to dispel and I begin to remember, who I am, I begin to understand that though I may not have reached Olympian levels, I am extraordinary to those that matter most to me, my family.

My mood brightens, though I do have lingering thoughts about the unfinished dreams. I have not lost my identity, but I believe there is more I am capable of being.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Really Big Balls

Nothing says love like a plate of bacon. It is Valentines Day. Our life is pretty good, two great young boys, and a wonderful wife by my side our gifts are pretty simple to one another. The remainder of the day… painting.

Driving around the neighborhood later in the day, we rate the snowmen of Breirfield. Some are classic, some are no more than a lump of snow, one looks like a totem pole, likely by accident.

Perhaps the best is just three huge balls. They are so big, that the kids likely could not lift them to stack one on another. So there he lay, disassembled, a giant snowman laying in wait. He would have dominated the other snow people. All of Alpharetta could have been his, great potential, such a waste.

Chinese Fire Drill

Saturday. Day 40. Friday night was spent playing in the snow. All of us were outside building a snowman, having a snowball fight, even Kim was out playing in the white stuff. Nothing better than snow in Georgia.

With snow on the ground when I wake up, the day is spent painting in the house. We are about to pull a four room switch… My studio is going to become Jack’s room, Jack’s room is going to become Wil’s room, Wil’s room, the guest room, and the guest room will become the studio and Kim’s office. This will take the computer out of our bedroom. Whew. A lot of work coming up.

This is like a Chinese Fire Drill with the extra fun of painting!

Sleep comes easy.

I'm dropping the hammer Harry

Friday. Day 39. Long run day. Jay is traveling, I am running alone. Well not really, I decide to meet Corey and run along side him on the treadmill. This is my second time on the treadmill this week, but lets face it, I did not want to go out and run 8 miles too fast.

The workout was pretty simple, 8 miles at 7:33, there is not 7:33 pace on the treadmill, but there is a 7:30. A quick warm-up, just walking. Stop the machine and start it off. Go…! As always, the first mile and a half is difficult, not hard, just difficult as my body, heart, lungs, legs are warming up. Once warm, I find myself feeling good. On several occasions the pace just seems easy. If anything, I am just bored. I enjoy talking to Corey, it helps pass the time. The six miles are so controlled that I decide to pick it up. Easing it up for mile 7, I am still fairly controlled. I decide to give it a little more on the last mile. With mile 7-8, I drop it from 7:20 down to 6:40. It feels good.

Stepping on the scale, 179. Finally, back under the 180 mark. Nice way to start the weekend.

90 minutes late... really

Thursday. Day 38. No swim. The day is filled with work, but my mind is on Jack. About a month ago during his yearly check up his doc said his spine had a good deal of curve to it and we needed x-rays.

The x-ray tech read 14 percent beyond normal. A month later here I am in the pediatric orthopedist meeting with a spine specialist. Arriving early, I am we are seated in the examining room. There we sit for the next hour and thirty minutes. I was furious, by the time the doc came in I was ready to share how unprofessional it was to be this late and how angry I was.

When the doctor finally came in, I could see he was having a bad day. He came in and it took a while for him to gather his composure. I can imagine he had a difficult morning delivering rough new to parents. He was actually relieved to see Jack, reading his x-rays, he let us know that the “tech” did a poor job reading Jack's x-rays and that “curve” was well within normal. Good news.

The doc apologized for being late and that we were so understanding.

After he left Jack looked at me and said, wow, I’m impressed. Looking at Jack I asked him what he was impressed with. “With you Dad, I really thought you were going to rip him a new one for being so late”

I just smiled.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A bunch of babies

Wednesday. Day 37. Track day. A good group will be meeting at LTF for our workout, Corey, Jay, Ann Marie and Susan. Steve is also too meet us. Driving to the gym I am well dressed for the weather. Looking at the outside temperate gauge, it reads -5, WHAT… I look again in disbelief and see that I have hit the Celsius button. Oops. 24 degrees. That’s better, but still cold.

In the locker Jay begins pleading, really pleading, for us to run inside. He tells me the whole gang wants to run inside, I am the only one who wants to run at the track. I fight it. More pleading and peer pressure. I finally give in, fine. I strip down to my tights and actually find a pair of shorts.

The work out is not that tough and not that long, 1 mile warm up, followed by 1 mile at 6:30, a 400 RI, a 1200 at 6:18 pace, 400 RI, 800 at 6:10, 400 RI and 400 at 6:03 pace. We finished with a 400 RI and a mile cool down.

I found the workout to be pretty easy. I worked a couple of times, but I was equally relaxed at times too. Overall thought... not much work was done, too easy.

A busy day today and a trip to the doctor for Jack. Nothing serious hopefully.

It is my goal this evening to finish the passenger front floor pan. After that I will wire wheel the welds and coat with paint. This weekend I will grind the welds and paint again. It is my goal in the next two weeks to have the entire interior a single primed color and ready for some Dynamat.

Weight… unknown.

Work... no swim

Tuesday. Day 36.

Swim day… but not for me. I am packed with meetings and my day will start early. I do not expect to finished the work day until after 6:00 ah yes, a nice 12 hour work day.

I expect to have the drivers side front floor board welded in. It is taking time, but at least I am doing it right. There is a certain satisfaction to restoring the car by myself. Is it going to be perfect, not likely, but that is okay too. My goal is for the car to look great, and drive well. I expect that the car will get scratched and dinged, and that is fine, I want it to be a driver and if it were a perfect restoration, well, if it looked that good I would not drive it as much. I need to post some photos.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off

Monday. Day 35. With the Super Bowl last night, Jay and I decided our tempo run would take place at lunch. The extra sleep was good and I felt well rested when I woke up. Meeting at lunch time, the weather was very agreeable for running. Nearly 50 degrees. I had originally thought two shirts, but ditched the second shirt after some consideration. Good call.

Jay and I were both a bit nervous, about this run, a 1 EZ 5 tempo and 1 EZ, the tempo was 7:13. It was decide we would run the Greenway, an easy way to warm up it is exactly 1 mile to the first marker and provides markers the entire distance.

Off we went, the warm up is mostly down hill and at one point we were already running 7:17. I looked at Jay and said, “ hey we better reel this in” He agreed.

Hitting the one mile mark, I hit my watch and off we went. Jay was strong and dictated the pace for the first mile. I was thinking this seems fast. Sure enough we were running a sub 7 minute mile at the first marker. Jay say’s, “Bob we have to back it off”… it never happened. It seemed that Jay drove the pace for the first 2.5 miles and I drove the pace for the last 2.5 miles. The pace was uncomfortable, except for a few points where I felt strong, though that was mostly toward the end when I knew I was nearly done. The cool down mile was difficult as we were now climbing the hill that we ran down during the warm up. Clearly we were not running 7:17 like we did on the warm up.

Back at the gym I started running the numbers, we ran 5 miles at a 6:49 pace. Not what we were supposed to do, but it felt good and answered a question that that had been sitting at the back of my mind, how was I going to run a sub 7 mile pace on race day. Now I know the training is paying off. Need to keep up the hard work.

Weight. 181. Still bad.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Sunday. Day 34. It is like a hangover. The loss and lack of a restful night sleep have taken their toll. The good breakfast at Mel’s helps ease the sting of the loss and the coke for breakfast gives me a little pep to get the day started.

Back home, Jack's football season is over. It started in July and after 7 months, we are done. Whew. I am exhausted. The next few weeks I will be focusing on the Mustang and my training.

Today, I have a goal of fitting and welding in the front floors and repairing the bad welding job on the rear floor. I had ground out the bad weld yesterday and did a much better job welding in the rear floor this time. Good for me. That corrected, I start fitting the fronts, first the left, next the right. I measure twice and cut once. I am getting better, perhaps due to me practicing patience.

I start welding in the harder of the two front floors, the driver side. It is going well I am being methodical. I did weld through one area and I am disappointed, but I know what to do, I will simply patch it.

As I am welding, I see a flame coming from under the car. FLAME! Oh no. FIRE.! I hop out of the car, I am thinking it is the undercoating. Smartly we have fire extinguishers. I yell, “FIRE”, Out of the House!” I do not want anyone in the house if there is an opportunity for this to get out of control. I also know that if I can not get it out, I will push the car out of the garage.

Grabbing the fire extinguisher, I pull the pin and look for the trigger. Where is it? I stop and think what Kim said when she put out the kitchen fire "it has to be easy". I see the trigger. I pull and in seconds the fire is nearly out. I look under the car, it is not the undercoating, rather it was a piece of cardboard soaked in leaky transmission fluid. Dumb. I pull out cardboard from under the car and take it to the driveway. I stomp the rest of the flames out. I had forgotten about the cardboard. A hot piece of welding slag smoldered and caught the cardboard on fire.

I spend the next hour and a half, cleaning up the mess from the extinguisher and wiping everything down. I remove any other items that might possible “catch” from the spattering weld. It was just that small piece of cardboard, but it was enough.

I call it a day after cleaning up the garage. I will not weld again until I have a new fire extinguisher, I will actually buy two news one. The evening is spent making spedies and enjoying a good Super Bowl.


Saturday. Day 33.

I woke early and made the family breakfast, pancakes. After experimenting the last few Saturdays, I think I finally figured out the right temp and time. One word, tasty. The family is filled, good thing, we have a football game today and it is cold. Everyone will need the fuel to stay warm. The rest of the morning was spent working on the Mustang. The floors are cut out and prepped for the welding on Sunday.

Around 10:00 we start getting ready for the game. The other game is very competitive, however, we are battling the ref’s. We have 23 flags thrown at us during the game. The game comes down with us leading after Jack running in two touchdowns to us stopping them. Jared a friend of Jack intercepts the ball in the endzone. Game over…wait no a late call, the ref says it was trapped. A total BS call. As I watched, the ball was caught in the air, and the player landed on his back to make certain the ball never saw the ground. Bad call. We end up losing in triple overtime. More flags were thrown. I am bitter. The rest of the day I work on the Mustang, but my mind is racing. I am mad. At night I toss and turn and finally at 2:00 AM I am wide awake. It takes me until 4:00 AM before I finally let it go and fall asleep.

I do not mind being outplayed, I do not like losing, but I do not feel bad when we are beat, that did not happened though, this makes me angry.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I am wearing a fat suit

Friday. Day 32. Last week I thought I had a tough run. I guess I can not tell the future, if I could I would have known that today would make last week look easy. Set the stage, 37 degrees, windy and rain. The rain, was less like rain and more like cold little daggers. The moment the run started, the rain cut through the various layers and within a half mile I was soaked. The first mile was at a 6:55 pace, too fast. Dialing it back Jay and I set into our 7:33 pace. Though the pace today seemed difficult, why, no idea. Fatigue, stress, diet, weight, unknown. Perhaps the fact that I did not swim and lost an edge with my conditioning. No matter. I can not turn back time, only keep moving forward. Running forward.

Next few miles I normalized my pace. However just passing the 5 mile mark, there was a gradual mile climb, into the face of the wind. Brutal and I spent a lot of energy. By the time I hit mile 7 and typically start feeling great, I was done. My legs burnt. Lungs, ragged breathing. Mentally, done! Jay, however was hitting his stride and looking strong. There was no time for let up, rather it was time to look inward. A test, mentally, physically. At one point, my left leg just quit. Too bad, keep running.

With a mile to go I knew I would finish. Every step hurt, but I finished and stayed on pace. I have to admit, I was angry, sure nice to finish, but it was a bad run. This will likely stick with me for a while.

Work will keep me busy today. Too wet and cold for practice, we’ll go into the football tournament with essentially no practice. Later tonight is the basket fund raiser at school, that will be fun.

Weight. 181. Yes, I am wearing a fat suit. No wonder.

He ran out of his shoes

Thursday. Day 31. Swim, no. Sleep, yes. Work, oh boy. Lots of work. The evening was football practice, the highlight of the evening was watching Jack literally run out of his shoes as they were stuck in the mud. Funny.

Tomorrow 10 miles.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One For The Road

Wednesday. Day 30.

Track Day. No Corey, he is out for the count with a fever. Jeff is recovering from his first LAX practice, so it is Jay, Anne Marie, Susan and little ol’ me. The girls are doing a bunch of 400’s while Jay and I tackle 4 x 1000 at a respectable 3:55. The first one is like nearly perfect, I hit each 200 with negative splits. It is fairly easy though my lungs and legs are still warming up. The last 200 of the first 1000 was hard, but it is suppose to be hard. The next 1000 was just a little more challenging. Jay took us out fast, 44 seconds for the first 200. It was hold on from that point on, we finished well. The 3rd 1000 was a bit of a mystery. We had figured that if we ran 0:46 for the five 200’s we would be where we needed to be. I started us off, 0:46, the next, 0:47, 0:45, 0:46, 0:46. Great right. Nope, somehow we finished 3:56, or one second over. Go figure. We were satisfied but easily could have greased the last 200 to keep us under 3:55. The last 1000 was run well ending in a 3:52. Good work at the track. A nice cool down run to the gym and done.

The day brought a good deal of work, but there was an opportunity to hit the weights for lunch. The weights are low weight high reps. I just do not need to add the bulk.

More work, followed and kept me busy until the evening came. As our buddy Jeff was ending his tenure at Textron, we decide to all hoist a beer in his honor. Though Corey was not there, he was with us in spirit. It was decided that we needed to do this more often… Imagine that, I have only been asking them to meet me for a beer for the past 2 years! Life, Family and Jobs happened and with all of us juggling our schedules it is not surprising. Perhaps as summer rolls around we can look at beers on a Wednesday after riding bikes.

Evening was spent with the family reading bedtime books and catching up on the day. Lucky me.

Weight 181 So disappointing.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm a Groundhog

Tuesday. Day 29. Groundhogs Day. Well Phil did see his shadow, so we are in for six more weeks of winter. Nothing but a full day of work for me… too much to do and too little time to get it all in. Putting my head down now to work.

Damn Turkey Burgers

Monday. Day 28. Sleeping was decide at about 5:00 PM Sunday night. I enjoy the extra hours of sleep and feel like my body is well rested and ready for an active week of work, training and parenting. Each individually is a enough, but combined, I need to be well rested.

Meeting Jay at 11:30, he is there on the dot. Today is a six mile tempo run, 1 EZ, 4 at 7:03 and 1 EZ. One word, tough. The warm up is always an issues as your body is shocked into responding to an increase in breathing and heart rate, and just as you seem to be adjusting it is time to increase the speed. That first mile, at 7:03 goes rather quickly and through I am efforting, it is not exceedingly difficult. Mile 2 is here and it is going by a little slower. As I did during my last tempo, I started with 40/10ths, and I am working my way down. It makes the time/distance go by quickly. Midway through mile two, I am again feeling the effort, but it is not as bad as the last two miles from last Friday. I keep running. Around the start of the third mile, I see Jay decrease the speed on his TM. Looking over, I ask, did I miss something… no. Cramps, GI issues. Ouch. I ask if he wants me to slow my pace, he says to continue, so I do. After a few tenths, Jay ramps up the speed and continues the workout, how, I have no idea how, but he does it and finishes the distance. Pretty tough to do. I keep on pace and soon I am on my last mile. It feels good. I stride the last few tenths easily and feel controlled. During the cool down I hit my heart rate, 171. Too high and likely higher on during the fast pace. Oh well, just keep working on it, it will lower, or explode.

After the run I ask Jay what he had for dinner the night before. Turkey Burgers. There you go... likely mixed with too much fiber.

Work, kids, work and sleep make up the remainder of the day. I also work on a painting project for Kim. Tomorrow is swim, but I will be missing it. Too much work I need to jam this week.

Weight 179.

28 - 0 for the good guys

Sunday. Day 27. Up late last night with my date. What a hottie. Morning comes and we are off to Mel’s. A big plate of bacon and the Sunday paper greet us at our reserved table. I really enjoy our Sunday breakfast.

Mid day brings Jacks football game. He is a little off on his passes, they are high, but still goes 3-4. I let Jack call many of the plays during the game, he does a great job managing and calling the game and we will easily, 28 – 0. Next week starts the tournament. I must remember to “Coach-up”. I’ll need to get him out throwing the ball this week. Very important.

The remainder of the day is errands, working on the car, playing with the boys and all the stuff that makes up life. The weekend rolls by too quickly.

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky

January 30, 2010

Saturday. Day 26. Rain. It just keeps coming. Jack’s football game is cancelled, so the afternoon is free. I work on the car and make a good deal of progress.

The highlight of the day came early though. The boys were asked to clean up their rooms. While walking by Wil’s room, his door was cracked open just a bit. Peering in I saw he was done cleaning his room, though now he was on the floor doing push-ups. As I stood there watching, I saw him get up and start fiddling with his ipod. I thought, does he not know how to use it? It hit me , he was looking for a particular song. Smiling he hits play and turned up the volume. It is the theme from the movie Rocky! He grabs his weights and starts doing curls, towards the end he is grunting to finish his set. With no pause, he hits the floor and is now doing sit-ups.
I quickly rush downstairs to tell Kim. We both smile and watch. Later in the day, I tell him he is looking really strong, the smile on his face could not be any bigger.

That night both the boys are out, Jack at a “mini lock-in” and Wil sleeping at a friends. Kim and I have a date, Miltons for dinner and a movie, Hangover, at home in the basement theater.

Nice day.