Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Work... no swim

Tuesday. Day 36.

Swim day… but not for me. I am packed with meetings and my day will start early. I do not expect to finished the work day until after 6:00 ah yes, a nice 12 hour work day.

I expect to have the drivers side front floor board welded in. It is taking time, but at least I am doing it right. There is a certain satisfaction to restoring the car by myself. Is it going to be perfect, not likely, but that is okay too. My goal is for the car to look great, and drive well. I expect that the car will get scratched and dinged, and that is fine, I want it to be a driver and if it were a perfect restoration, well, if it looked that good I would not drive it as much. I need to post some photos.

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