Thursday, February 4, 2010

One For The Road

Wednesday. Day 30.

Track Day. No Corey, he is out for the count with a fever. Jeff is recovering from his first LAX practice, so it is Jay, Anne Marie, Susan and little ol’ me. The girls are doing a bunch of 400’s while Jay and I tackle 4 x 1000 at a respectable 3:55. The first one is like nearly perfect, I hit each 200 with negative splits. It is fairly easy though my lungs and legs are still warming up. The last 200 of the first 1000 was hard, but it is suppose to be hard. The next 1000 was just a little more challenging. Jay took us out fast, 44 seconds for the first 200. It was hold on from that point on, we finished well. The 3rd 1000 was a bit of a mystery. We had figured that if we ran 0:46 for the five 200’s we would be where we needed to be. I started us off, 0:46, the next, 0:47, 0:45, 0:46, 0:46. Great right. Nope, somehow we finished 3:56, or one second over. Go figure. We were satisfied but easily could have greased the last 200 to keep us under 3:55. The last 1000 was run well ending in a 3:52. Good work at the track. A nice cool down run to the gym and done.

The day brought a good deal of work, but there was an opportunity to hit the weights for lunch. The weights are low weight high reps. I just do not need to add the bulk.

More work, followed and kept me busy until the evening came. As our buddy Jeff was ending his tenure at Textron, we decide to all hoist a beer in his honor. Though Corey was not there, he was with us in spirit. It was decided that we needed to do this more often… Imagine that, I have only been asking them to meet me for a beer for the past 2 years! Life, Family and Jobs happened and with all of us juggling our schedules it is not surprising. Perhaps as summer rolls around we can look at beers on a Wednesday after riding bikes.

Evening was spent with the family reading bedtime books and catching up on the day. Lucky me.

Weight 181 So disappointing.

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