Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let the sunshine in

Saturday. Day 47. Even as a grown man, I wake up every Saturday like I am a little kid, with thoughts of Spanky from the Little Rascals singing, “Oh it’s Saturday, it's Saturday”. Nothing but fun for me today.

Hopping out of bed, I head down the stairs and start making breakfast for the family. Family fueled for the morning, I head to the garage, the Mustang is waiting.

It is my goal to have the floors done this weekend. I have been spending the last few weeks cutting, grinding and welding, replacing the cancerous rusted metal with nice clean new steel.

My goal is to restore the Mustang to a nice “driver” condition, nice enough to turn heads, but not so nice that if I want to take it for ice cream, I don’t worry about the boys dropping it on the floor.

Here is what the floors looked like what I started.

This is progress... Looking forward to cruising in sunshine this spring.

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