Monday, February 22, 2010

Cramps, a Busted Toe and no Water...

Monday. Day 49. I stayed up too late watching Canada versus USA in hockey. I watch about one hockey game every 4 years. I must admit, this one was a good one to watch. Waking up I am beat, I turn on the Blackberry hoping that Jay might want to push the workout time to later… a long shot, but I am really tired. Checking my messages… yep. Jay is not feeling well, done in again by a turkey burger, I told him not to eat those things, but this time it worked in my favor, sorry Jay. I rolled over and gabbed some much needed Zzzz’s.

I grind out the morning at work and hit the gym at lunch. Unexpectedly, I run into Corey who in the locker, he is looking a bit rough. I ask him if he ran on Sunday. One word answer, “nope”. Something is up. Down might be the better a description. Corey goes on to tell me while at Lowes, he had a board of MDF land square on his big toe, the “captain of the toes”.

Looking at the toe, he will lose that nail. With all the work he is doing to prepare for Boston, I hope it falls off soon. It would be better if it does. The only other option would have been to drill the toenail, but he would have had to do it yesterday when it happened. I’ve done it myself, it hurts, and sounds really gory, but it works.

Jay is feeling better and we need to knock out a tough workout. 1 EZ, 1 (7:03), 1 EZ, 2 fast, 1 EZ, 1 fast, 1 EZ. A tough workout indeed. Jay guts through the cramps and pains, hard to do, but he did it. Corey even with the wrecked big toe grinds out his workout, clearly internalizing the pain.

I forgot my water bottle, however with Jay running through cramps and Corey running with a broken toe, I did not want to complain. Sure enough, Corey bails me out with his water bottle. Thanks bud, I was getting pretty dry.

Weight, well I have been reluctant to step on the scale. However I drum up the courage and am rewarded with a pleasant surprise 178. Yeah.

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