Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Damn Turkey Burgers

Monday. Day 28. Sleeping was decide at about 5:00 PM Sunday night. I enjoy the extra hours of sleep and feel like my body is well rested and ready for an active week of work, training and parenting. Each individually is a enough, but combined, I need to be well rested.

Meeting Jay at 11:30, he is there on the dot. Today is a six mile tempo run, 1 EZ, 4 at 7:03 and 1 EZ. One word, tough. The warm up is always an issues as your body is shocked into responding to an increase in breathing and heart rate, and just as you seem to be adjusting it is time to increase the speed. That first mile, at 7:03 goes rather quickly and through I am efforting, it is not exceedingly difficult. Mile 2 is here and it is going by a little slower. As I did during my last tempo, I started with 40/10ths, and I am working my way down. It makes the time/distance go by quickly. Midway through mile two, I am again feeling the effort, but it is not as bad as the last two miles from last Friday. I keep running. Around the start of the third mile, I see Jay decrease the speed on his TM. Looking over, I ask, did I miss something… no. Cramps, GI issues. Ouch. I ask if he wants me to slow my pace, he says to continue, so I do. After a few tenths, Jay ramps up the speed and continues the workout, how, I have no idea how, but he does it and finishes the distance. Pretty tough to do. I keep on pace and soon I am on my last mile. It feels good. I stride the last few tenths easily and feel controlled. During the cool down I hit my heart rate, 171. Too high and likely higher on during the fast pace. Oh well, just keep working on it, it will lower, or explode.

After the run I ask Jay what he had for dinner the night before. Turkey Burgers. There you go... likely mixed with too much fiber.

Work, kids, work and sleep make up the remainder of the day. I also work on a painting project for Kim. Tomorrow is swim, but I will be missing it. Too much work I need to jam this week.

Weight 179.

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