Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky

January 30, 2010

Saturday. Day 26. Rain. It just keeps coming. Jack’s football game is cancelled, so the afternoon is free. I work on the car and make a good deal of progress.

The highlight of the day came early though. The boys were asked to clean up their rooms. While walking by Wil’s room, his door was cracked open just a bit. Peering in I saw he was done cleaning his room, though now he was on the floor doing push-ups. As I stood there watching, I saw him get up and start fiddling with his ipod. I thought, does he not know how to use it? It hit me , he was looking for a particular song. Smiling he hits play and turned up the volume. It is the theme from the movie Rocky! He grabs his weights and starts doing curls, towards the end he is grunting to finish his set. With no pause, he hits the floor and is now doing sit-ups.
I quickly rush downstairs to tell Kim. We both smile and watch. Later in the day, I tell him he is looking really strong, the smile on his face could not be any bigger.

That night both the boys are out, Jack at a “mini lock-in” and Wil sleeping at a friends. Kim and I have a date, Miltons for dinner and a movie, Hangover, at home in the basement theater.

Nice day.

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