Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fooling myself

Last night was our first scrimmage for the AYFA Black Eagle… what a blast. I had a great time and the players did really well. I love coaching, the only way it could be better is if I could suit up and play. I do not think anyone would know, most of the players are taller than I am anyway. Jack did great, a few errant throws, but he hit 3 out of 6 passes, no interceptions and 2 passes should have been caught. The kids all played well.

At the end of the scrimmage, I was exhausted, but knew that an 11 mile tempo run was the start of my day tomorrow. Lately my running has been erratic and poor. As well as I did training for Hunstville and qualifying for Boston, I am 180 degrees in the other direction.

As my plan is not working, I have mixed things up… I slept in until 6:10, this gave me over 7 hours of sleep, I need more by my schedule would not permit more. I did wake feeling refreshed, but my leg was already hurting in anticipation of the upcoming 11 miles. Knowing that half my battle lately has been mental, I broke my run into two sections in an attempt to fool myself, a 6 mile out and back and a 5 mile out and back, that provided an area for refueling. My left leg hurt from step one and is still hurting. That’s is life, mentally, I was stronger, but not where I need to be yet.

I felt better on the last 5 and found myself enjoying the run a couple of time, (I know, that’s the idea right), at the turn a runner went by and I click on his heals with about a 25 yard gap. He must have known I was there as he dropped his pace the last couple of miles and I followed, at least I kept myself from running him down as I would in the past, that said, I did not let the gap increase.

Pace target was 7:38 I ran 7:31, mostly because I hit a 7:08 on the last mile with my rabbit in front. That part, of the run, I liked!

Sunday I will run 15 miles. Let’s see what the day brings.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Signal

Busy… that in a word is describing my life right now. With work, football, the boys, school activities and my other commitments, I am busy. Oh and I did not mention training! As for training, typically it is my salvation, that point where I can work off the stress of the days. However my training, specifically my running is in the crapper. I am out running thinking about the 2 million things I could/should be doing.

I need to keep myself organized and be judicious with my use of time.

Monday, August 9, 2010

weight up... speed down... uh not good.

As bad as my last long run was, this was better. Great no, I was still fighting some running demons. My body and mind were fighting me the whole time. I just kept pushing on. I felt if I could get to the halfway point, all would be well. By 6.5 I was feeling good about heading back and knowing that every step took me closer to being done. Corey who was running behind me caught me with about 5 to go. I could have stayed with him, but knew that was not the order of the day. I kept my pace and moved along. My legs were getting tired but my mind knew I was nearly done. Interestingly I was running a 7:43 pace and that is slower than what I will need to run in Chicago.

With a good weekend, I enjoyed waking up today after a full 8 hours of sleep. The tempo run looked to be easy, but the reality is I struggled. All said, I got the work done and put the day in the books. Tomorrow is a swim, I will hit about 2,500 meters and try to pay attention to my nutrition. My weight is out of the park, 181.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

who me... I'm just a little lost

It has been so many days since my last journal entry that I have lost track of the number of days I have been training for Chicago. I think that alone tells you that I am missing something this time around. My last three long runs have gone from bad, to worse to awful. How bad… fell off pace with Corey, next, I did not hold pace for 18, last, my 20 miler was a disaster, with me stopping at mile 5 and walking. I salvaged the run but just barely and ended up adding 8 more the next day to achieve a cumulative mile total.

The tempo runs have been good, my track work is erratic, I am one, off or slow… anything but consistent. My weight is up, down, up, and I am tired all the time.

On a good note, football started this week and the range of talent means there will be a lot of coaching. I am enjoying the summer with the boys, the days are rocketing past.

This Friday I have a 13 mile run with Corey. It will be fast. Good.