Wednesday, February 3, 2010

28 - 0 for the good guys

Sunday. Day 27. Up late last night with my date. What a hottie. Morning comes and we are off to Mel’s. A big plate of bacon and the Sunday paper greet us at our reserved table. I really enjoy our Sunday breakfast.

Mid day brings Jacks football game. He is a little off on his passes, they are high, but still goes 3-4. I let Jack call many of the plays during the game, he does a great job managing and calling the game and we will easily, 28 – 0. Next week starts the tournament. I must remember to “Coach-up”. I’ll need to get him out throwing the ball this week. Very important.

The remainder of the day is errands, working on the car, playing with the boys and all the stuff that makes up life. The weekend rolls by too quickly.

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