Monday, February 8, 2010


Saturday. Day 33.

I woke early and made the family breakfast, pancakes. After experimenting the last few Saturdays, I think I finally figured out the right temp and time. One word, tasty. The family is filled, good thing, we have a football game today and it is cold. Everyone will need the fuel to stay warm. The rest of the morning was spent working on the Mustang. The floors are cut out and prepped for the welding on Sunday.

Around 10:00 we start getting ready for the game. The other game is very competitive, however, we are battling the ref’s. We have 23 flags thrown at us during the game. The game comes down with us leading after Jack running in two touchdowns to us stopping them. Jared a friend of Jack intercepts the ball in the endzone. Game over…wait no a late call, the ref says it was trapped. A total BS call. As I watched, the ball was caught in the air, and the player landed on his back to make certain the ball never saw the ground. Bad call. We end up losing in triple overtime. More flags were thrown. I am bitter. The rest of the day I work on the Mustang, but my mind is racing. I am mad. At night I toss and turn and finally at 2:00 AM I am wide awake. It takes me until 4:00 AM before I finally let it go and fall asleep.

I do not mind being outplayed, I do not like losing, but I do not feel bad when we are beat, that did not happened though, this makes me angry.

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