Sunday, February 14, 2010

90 minutes late... really

Thursday. Day 38. No swim. The day is filled with work, but my mind is on Jack. About a month ago during his yearly check up his doc said his spine had a good deal of curve to it and we needed x-rays.

The x-ray tech read 14 percent beyond normal. A month later here I am in the pediatric orthopedist meeting with a spine specialist. Arriving early, I am we are seated in the examining room. There we sit for the next hour and thirty minutes. I was furious, by the time the doc came in I was ready to share how unprofessional it was to be this late and how angry I was.

When the doctor finally came in, I could see he was having a bad day. He came in and it took a while for him to gather his composure. I can imagine he had a difficult morning delivering rough new to parents. He was actually relieved to see Jack, reading his x-rays, he let us know that the “tech” did a poor job reading Jack's x-rays and that “curve” was well within normal. Good news.

The doc apologized for being late and that we were so understanding.

After he left Jack looked at me and said, wow, I’m impressed. Looking at Jack I asked him what he was impressed with. “With you Dad, I really thought you were going to rip him a new one for being so late”

I just smiled.

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