Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A bunch of babies

Wednesday. Day 37. Track day. A good group will be meeting at LTF for our workout, Corey, Jay, Ann Marie and Susan. Steve is also too meet us. Driving to the gym I am well dressed for the weather. Looking at the outside temperate gauge, it reads -5, WHAT… I look again in disbelief and see that I have hit the Celsius button. Oops. 24 degrees. That’s better, but still cold.

In the locker Jay begins pleading, really pleading, for us to run inside. He tells me the whole gang wants to run inside, I am the only one who wants to run at the track. I fight it. More pleading and peer pressure. I finally give in, fine. I strip down to my tights and actually find a pair of shorts.

The work out is not that tough and not that long, 1 mile warm up, followed by 1 mile at 6:30, a 400 RI, a 1200 at 6:18 pace, 400 RI, 800 at 6:10, 400 RI and 400 at 6:03 pace. We finished with a 400 RI and a mile cool down.

I found the workout to be pretty easy. I worked a couple of times, but I was equally relaxed at times too. Overall thought... not much work was done, too easy.

A busy day today and a trip to the doctor for Jack. Nothing serious hopefully.

It is my goal this evening to finish the passenger front floor pan. After that I will wire wheel the welds and coat with paint. This weekend I will grind the welds and paint again. It is my goal in the next two weeks to have the entire interior a single primed color and ready for some Dynamat.

Weight… unknown.

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CSP said...

Babies! With the temp at 9 degrees with the wind chill there was nothing productive about hitting the track when it is that cold. All there was to come of a speed workout at the temp is a pulled muscle. You should have cranked it up to my speeds or increase the incline.