Friday, February 19, 2010

Well he only ran 40 miles

Friday. Day 46. 4:40 AM up early, I am feeling the effects of a few beers and staying up too late, but worked called I also like this client, I consider her a friend and really enjoy her company, a great spirit.

This morning I am inspired, earlier this morning, a gym friend started a personal journey, a person challenge consisting of a forty mile run. Before joining him for his last 4 miles, Jay and Corey and I had a 10 mile run at 7:30. Corey was doing more than that, he too started the day early and was hooking up with us after he warmed up with an 8.2 mile run.

Together Jay, Corey and I started at 5:15 AM. The pace was consistent, ranging from 7:28 – 7:30. Corey hung towards the back, he was simply in cruise control mode. He knew what he need to do and was locked in for the workout. Jay seemed to hold back the first five miles but clearly had the back half in mind. I struggled. My left quad went down early, and was hurting by the third mile. I knew it was going to be a tough run for me today. Ah yes, another character building run. Just finishing the fifth mile Jay turned it on and I played catch up for the next 5 miles. The weaker I got, the stronger he became. I was holding on for the last mile, the run was finished, the time was met, but the difference was Jay ran strong from start to finish, I ran well from 1-5 and was on the edge for the last 5 miles.

The lack of swimming in the past few weeks has taken its toll and my conditioning has slipped as my weight has increased.

Arriving back at the gym, there is a group of runners waiting for our friend to arrive as he finishes his 36th mile! We see him enter the parking lot escorted by a group that joined him at mile 22 and more again at mile 30. High fives all around, and cheers of support, a few chants of 4 more, 4 more, and the group of now nearly 20 runners take off as he finishes his 40 mile personal challenge.

Way cool. I had planned on running the last four but looking at the clock and the large pack of runners, knew it was time for me to go… he had the support of many and one more would not be noticed.

I thought about the human spirit and the positive energy that he brought to so many with the courage of his personal 40 mile challenge, all I can say is wow!

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Well spoken my friend.