Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wil's Spirit

Wednesday. Day 51. Track day. I feel sluggish. I woke up several times during the night, I also know that I am feeling heavy, I ate far too much yesterday. Arriving at the gym, I sit waiting for the gang. My usual exuberance for track is not with me today. Today I will just get it done.

Typically, I am wanting to push the speed, not today, I just do not feel right. Perhaps the lack of sleep, perhaps my bad eating habit yesterday, the cause is unknown. The workout is 6 x 800 at 3:07. A ridiculously easy pace, that would usually leave me wanting to go faster. Not today. My problem might be the reduced condition from not swimming. Who am I kidding; I know that is the cause. I need to get back to the pool.

As we were running back from the track this morning I thought I would share an interesting little story. We Marinich’s as a family we have been watching the Olympics every night. It has been great as we talk about the athletes, the competition and all the positive things that go along with athletic competition. At dinner, Wil asked, “Dad, why are we watching the Olympics.” I told him it is our opportunity to see the power of the “human spirit”. He paused, thought about that for while then said, “Wow, I like that.” “Let’s keep watching.” Pretty cool.

As we sat at the gym stretching post run, I realized I see the human spirit around me every day; my friends, the other athletes, as each of us take time to improve ourselves, physically and mentally. This morning was a small example, each of us this morning could have easily said, no, not today, Corey’s banged up toe, Jay and I suffering from lack of a good night sleep, or Susan’s desire to not run in the cold. We all had a choice, but really in the end there was no choice, we were all going to do our workout, it is ingrained in our spirits, our desire to be better, not just better athletes, but people.

The frustration from the run slips away as I consider these ideas. I did the workout, It was actually faster than prescribed. Though I was not ripping it up today, I won the day. My “spirit” persevered, and though it did not land me on the medal stand, I will walk with a greater pride having won a small victory.

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CSP said...

Take one day at a time my friend. Every day that you accomplish something is a good day.