Friday, February 5, 2010

I am wearing a fat suit

Friday. Day 32. Last week I thought I had a tough run. I guess I can not tell the future, if I could I would have known that today would make last week look easy. Set the stage, 37 degrees, windy and rain. The rain, was less like rain and more like cold little daggers. The moment the run started, the rain cut through the various layers and within a half mile I was soaked. The first mile was at a 6:55 pace, too fast. Dialing it back Jay and I set into our 7:33 pace. Though the pace today seemed difficult, why, no idea. Fatigue, stress, diet, weight, unknown. Perhaps the fact that I did not swim and lost an edge with my conditioning. No matter. I can not turn back time, only keep moving forward. Running forward.

Next few miles I normalized my pace. However just passing the 5 mile mark, there was a gradual mile climb, into the face of the wind. Brutal and I spent a lot of energy. By the time I hit mile 7 and typically start feeling great, I was done. My legs burnt. Lungs, ragged breathing. Mentally, done! Jay, however was hitting his stride and looking strong. There was no time for let up, rather it was time to look inward. A test, mentally, physically. At one point, my left leg just quit. Too bad, keep running.

With a mile to go I knew I would finish. Every step hurt, but I finished and stayed on pace. I have to admit, I was angry, sure nice to finish, but it was a bad run. This will likely stick with me for a while.

Work will keep me busy today. Too wet and cold for practice, we’ll go into the football tournament with essentially no practice. Later tonight is the basket fund raiser at school, that will be fun.

Weight. 181. Yes, I am wearing a fat suit. No wonder.

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