Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go ahead... make me mad, see what happens

Wednesday. Day 44. Track day. Nothing puts me in the right frame of mind like starting the day at the track. Better, it is cold and windy. The weather is mean, too bad… I’m in a bad mood and that just make me more angry, meaner. The warm up to the track is faster than normal, I am anxious to get it started.

At the track the wind is picking up, it will hit us right in the face while we run. With a lap to clear the track I can feel the wind pushing as I round the first curve, literally trying to push me off the track. Too bad, I’m here and I am not leaving.

I suck in the cold air, pulling it deep into my lungs. I am ready. 10 x 400 @ 1:31, I am the aggressor, my first 200 I am fast, 41 seconds. I want to keep the pace, but know there is more to come. The wind is strong but it really does not both me, I find myself wanting to yell as the winds howls down the track. The harder it blows the faster I want to run. I am tired of the pulling back the reigns. The times are not consistent, and range from 1:24 – 1:30. I want to let the horses go… a few more weeks of restraint and that is going to change.

At the gym during lunch, I can feel my body getting stronger, a couple more weeks and I will start pulling off the weight.

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