Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No School Tuesday

Day 30

Boston Qualifying Training. I was really enjoying the football game last night, the boys had school cancelled due to the flooding and rain, and it would have been real easy to stay up and watch the rest of the game. I really need Peyton Manning and the Colts to win. Kim has a two game lead for the weekend picks and if Miami wins, she will take an over all lead. If the colts win I will maintain a one win margin over her while putting distance between me and the boys.

I knew that would be a bad idea to watch the whole game and getting up to swim would have been that much more difficult. So I turned off the TV and headed up stairs. Sounds like good discipline, but I did not mention that I made an apple pie yesterday and had two slices during the first quarter of the game. Man warm apple pie is good, at least I did not go ala mode.

As I was putting my shoes on sitting on the couch, I saw movement on our deck. Looking out I thought that is the biggest rat I have seen or that is an opossum. Yep it was an opossum, must be all the flooding forced them out of the creek area. I turn on the deck lights and he takes off. I briefly consider getting the BB gun and just as quickly decide how stupid that idea would be.

I beat Melissa out of the subdivision this morning, I drive much faster than she does so I hit the pool deck a few minutes before she arrives. Today was an easy workout as all the swimmers are preparing for Augusta. I enjoy the workout and the tri start is fun. The last bit was 6 x 25. The forth one we made an early turn and I caught a foot/heel right square in the face. The girls used my nose as a kick-off wall, that was a surprising. It did not hurt, but it did knock my goggles askew.

Hitting the weights between meetings today. I will also focus on core. Tomorrow is a run day, I will likely hit the track and put my long run on Friday.

Jacks team has football practice today and after our defeat on Saturday we have a lot of work to get done and need to figure out how we can motivate the boys to block better. Clearly they can block as they showed it on the first half of the game. Need to understand what was happening.

On the training front, my weight, 180… I am seeing a pattern, though if I had skipped the pie it likely would have been better.

I have concerns about my running after yesterdays difficult performance. Tomorrow’s 3 x 1600 at a 6:53 pace should be telling. We’ll see 1:43 per 400 and 0:52 per 200 is the pace. That sounds easy.

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