Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday Funday

Day 14

Boston Qualifying Training. I woke up early, the idea was to hit the lap pool and get in some much needed work, especially after the big diner last night. I made my way out of the room trying to not wake the family. When I got to the hotel lap pool it was closed. Rats. I looked for the fitness center. It had an elliptical trainer and that was it, back to the room.

We all got ready had a buffet breakfast and hit the water park again. Again we were the first one’s there. We hit all the slides before they got crowded. Afterwards, we went home, mowed the grass, did our chores and got ready for our Fantasy Draft party. It was a hit, we all had fun and the food was great. The picks were fun and 6 hours slid right by. I was thankfully in bed by 11:30.

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