Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, Bacon, Ball, Beer oh Boy!

Day 35

Boston Qualifying Training. I wake up this morning and immediately think of my buddies getting ready to start the half Ironman in Augusta. I on the other hand consider rolling over, but, I’m up, so I go down stairs and look at the weather they will be dealing with, it says low 70’s with clouds. Sounds good.

The family heads to Mels for breakfast we talk football with Mel. We all brag on Wil and his game winning touch down run. We make our game picks for Sunday. Kim picked up a game on me last week, I need to have a good week. As we are making our picks, the cook comes by the table with a huge plate of bacon, “Hey I’ve got some extra bacon, you guys want it…?” You’d have thought we won the lottery. Amazing how fast a pound of Bacon can disappear. The breakfast was great, omelet, spinach, mushroom, bacon, cheddar, yum.

We head home and a neighbor calls to see if we want to play a game of football. It was the parents versus a bunch of high school freshman football players, as well as younger kids that are Jacks age. Thinking of my training, I opt out of playing. However, when we get to the field, I opt back in. I take the position of QB, 3 Forty plus guys, a 12 year old and Wil versus 3 fifteen year olds, Jack and another 12 year old. We smoked them. It was a blast. We played for 90 minutes and I t was great to work off the big breakfast. I’m inviting my buddies next week. I think Jeff and Morgan would have a blast.

I feel good as I get ready to take the family out to TacoMac to watch the Giants. The Gmen stick it to the Bucs. I am troubled though that the giants did not perform better. Jacobs has lost some power and is not packing the same punch. They need to fix the run.

Giants are winning and I do not want to waste a good day inside after all this rain. I have been wanting to pull out my welder for the first time. Clearly, I have a lot of practice ahead of me, but I think I can get it. It seems like a "feel" thing. Also it was apparent that I need a welding helmet, more so than the welding shield I have.

Jack , Wil and I play a game of flag in the yard, Dad is the all time QB… God, does it get better. I do not think so.

The day winds down with the family watching the Red Zone package… as we cheer for our teams to pull through. The games work well for me this week and I gain a game back on Kim for a two game margin on our yearly picks. Jack is trailing Wil so far this year. That is not going to be good if it continues. I would say I should feel bad about beating Kim, however, she beat me 4 years in a row. Some of my pride is bask as I have won the last two years and would like to make it three in a row.

Need to really do something nice for Kim, she has been great, supporting me through the training, better yet, she came home with two cases of beer last week… now that’s love! But I'm still not throwing any picks, she'll have to earn that.

I will watch the ball game tonight with Jack and hit my tempo run at lunch. Week 6 starts with a 5 mile tempo run at MT pace. Jay is to email how fast that will be, I am guessing 7:30. Getting ready to hit it!

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