Friday, September 18, 2009

Frenetic Friday

Day 26

Boston Qualifying Training. This is the end of week four, 25% of the training is done. The body is holding up well, though I can certainly feel this past week. Clearly the 20 miles run took its toll on my body. I was very tired going into yesterdays swim, though I responded well. Best of all I hit 8 swim practices in a row. One more and I break Jay’s streak, seeing as how he missed yesterday. Sorry Jay.

Last night was fun. As we have been swamped with rain lately, rather than practice, all the boys and coaches met for a film review. Good stuff. The kids really could see what was happening and why hitting their blocks or a certain gap was so important. We’ll see how it translates into tonight’s practice and more importantly the game tomorrow.

I had the most sleep I have had in over two years last night. I was asleep by 10:00 and woke at 4’ish. I checked my email and Jay had pushed the track workout back to 6:45. After laying there for a while and a trip to go pee… I finally drifted back to sleep. When I woke up I was completely rested. Not one bit sleepy.

I made my way to the gym and put on my gear. As I waited on Jay, I saw Corey who had just returned from his 8 mile run. I noted his compression socks, I have seen them grow in popularity in the last 8 months. I know that my calves where my down fall in the marathon. I might give them a try on my next 18 mile run.

Jay shows up and we are off. Though I am rested, my legs are feeling the weeks work, a good tempo run and a solid 20 miler. Things are moving slow. We hit the track and each vow to keep it under control. I go out first. We have 5 x 1K with a 400 RI. The first 200 is right on but my next is slow… I blow it completely and we finished 4:11 WTF!!!! Okay, Jay goes out next… we are a little fast. I take the 3rd 1K, first 600 right on, however, I am having difficulty trying to do the math and think we are slow on the 3rd 200 so I pick it up, 3:51 finish, again what??? Jay and I both trying to do math and though we have advanced degrees, we might as well have been the dumbest people on earth, 2:36 + :47 seconds…I don’t know 3:07, no, 3:11, no… uh oh, time to run…. Go… Go… Go… basically, that time was under too. Finally, I remember I have a lap button on my watch… we nail it. 47 seconds dead on every lap. I am so proud of myself, I look at the cumulative time 3:59, and realize I needed to be running 48 seconds per lap. Okay so we were erratic, but at least the last 1K we were consistent, if just a little fast.

We circle up half the track and start back to LTF. We clearly both want to get this one done and the pace back is a bit more than a cool down jog.

The workout was an easy workout and yet times out there I was working. At some points I thought, Man are my legs beat” and at other times I was feeling fine thinking I could run like this forever. Knowing my legs were tired, I really focused on form running and I think that helped.

I am looking forward to the day, way too much to do at work. Lunch date with Kim, our standing Pure lunch date.

I have demos all afternoon, in fact, I have two scheduled at the same time. I have an idea how I can do that, it should be interesting.

Evening, back to back practices. I need to get the boys ready for their games.

Saturday… football from 8:00 – 8:00.

Man I need a better Camera phone

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