Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Graduation Day

Day 25

Boston Qualifying Training. A good morning! I went to bed early and was able to get a little reading in before I shut my eyes. My reading, “Welding”, yep that’s right, I bought a welder with all my reward points from traveling last year. It is my goal to work on my Mustang over the winter months and I needed a welder to fix a few areas. The nice part about reward points, you do not feel bad on spending them on something like a welder.

The reading was interesting as the first 4 pages explained the various ways to accidentally kill yourself with a welder. I am now wondering why I bought a welder. But seeing as how the general IQ of those using welders on a daily basis is typically not that high, I feel confident I’ll be alright. This weekend I will take some time and start practicing.

I headed off to LTF this morning and noticed that my legs were a bit stiff, clearly the 20 miles were to blame, and it tells me I should have done an extra round of stretching yesterday. Though yesterday was far too busy of a work day.

Getting in the pool, the workout went quickly and mid way through I gave myself a promotion to the next lane. (later I will have cake and throw confetti in the air). I know Mike has been wanting me to move, but as I shared with him, I have different priorities. That said, I was feeling good and by the time we came to the second set of 100’s I was hitting them at 1:40 – 1:45 pace. Not too bad for me. I enjoyed the tri-start, though I am not racing, I knew I was well suited for very short burst of energy and it looked a lot more fun than 3 x 200 by myself.

I’ll hit the gym at lunch and focus on lighter weight, higher reps. Likely I’ll spend more time stretching today. I really want the legs ready for tomorrows track workout.

Tonight is football, we are doing a skull session with pizza for the boys as we review film. We have one more practice before our next game… not enough, as we missed 3 practices the last ten days and our quarterback will be out. Looks like Jack may be starting! The team we are playing is undefeated. Time to hang a loss on them.

Weight, 179. I can live with it, but it needs to start coming down next week. Sorry Jeff no photos.

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