Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday A Giant Day

Day 21 Boston Qualifying Training. Sunday morning. I wake up early and for a moment forget where I am. I have spent the last week sleeping in Jack bottom bunk bed. However last night, Wil asked that I sleep in his room. He too has bunk a bunk bed. I laughed to myself once I figured out where I was.

Today was a marathon… of work. It was 6:30 AM and I headed down to my office and started digging in. Soon I could hear the family moving about upstairs. I joined them and we continued our tradition where it left off on Super Bowl Sunday.

The “Picks” were printed out and we made our way to Mel’s for breakfast and made our football picks we were all attired in our Giants Gear. On the way back home we watch some of our friends kids run the IronKids triathlon. It was fun and my boys were both fired up to give it a go next year! Especially Wil.

Back at home the boys and I played and Jack helped Wil learn the plays for his upcoming flag football game. Wil looked good and Jack was a good coach, the seasoned veteran.

Back to work. I turned on the football games and worked through both games, only stopping for dinner. The Giants looked good, but they let the Redskins stay in it… It is going to be a tough season.

Tomorrow is Tempo run, I meet Jay at 5:45 AM. Bed early tonight. I also need to do better on my weights and core workouts this week.

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