Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two for Tuesday

Day 2

Good morning! I woke up and had at least 3 reasons to stay home and sleep. First, I was tired, second, it feels like I have caught my son’s cold and could feel the scratch in my throat and last, I got in the car and it said 3 miles to empty. Crap! I fought through all the excuses and made my way to the gas station, put a few bucks in the tank and made my way to the gym.

I hopped in the pool and had a good work out. This is my cross train day, I knocked out 2,850 meters. Not too bad. I felt strong and my weight was fairly even from yesterday, 181.

I will hit the weights at lunch and also get my core work in. Jack has practice this evening and we will work on open field blocking and tackling. We have a lot to do before our first game on Saturday.

Work is adding a good deal of pressure. There are challenges and we need to address these challenges to resume our leadership position.

Working on my food intake. Trying to lean out, I am limiting myself to a single coke a day, that alone will be a big help with the weight.

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