Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're on the way home...

Day 18

A rough night. There is not much sleep to be had at a hospital. Jack looked rough all night long, but never complained. Wil is a solid trooper. He too manned up and did not complain. Kim was, as always a rock. Taking care of the hotel, and all the details while keeping me from being panicked. Kim and Wil stayed in a hotel just down the street from the hospital, very convenient.

Morning came with several calls from family and emails from friends. I was able to get some breakfast for Jack and he was able to get up and walk around the hospital floor. So tough. The doctor showed around 7:30 AM and said we could leave that day! Kim showed at the same time and I made my way to the hotel for a shower and shave while Kim and Wil sat with Jack. By the time I had walked halfway back to the hospital, jack was being discharged, by the time I returned with the car, they were all outside waiting. We piled in and headed back to home.

The trip home was long, but thankfully uneventful. We are thankful that everything worked out so well.

Everyone talks about Healthcare being bad… BS. Jack was in and out of the hospital in 24 hours, with the best care I have ever seen. Healthcare (clinical) is not broken, it is the administrative paperwork by the third party payers that make it so inefficient. Healthcare is fine.

Back home we took care of Jack and Wil. Both settled into bed. I was asleep in seconds. 10 miles in the morning.

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