Thursday, August 13, 2009

Folding time

Days 26-29

Monday - Day 26

So much for a daily update. The bad, Monday was possibly the worst Tempo run ever! I was hammering it for 3 miles at good pace, unfortunately it was late in the day, 30 minutes after eating dinner (really?) and I was hitting maxi um density, okay, all my excuses are in order. Wait, the last couple of weeks, training has been off too. Stage set, ready, 5 miles tempo, 3 miles, good, 7:08 pace, not bad, (not great), mile 4 - 5, uh, I had to stop and walk, several times. I hang my head in shame... how will I ever make it. Oh yeah, I have to do my track workout in less than 12 hours, because I will be gone on Wednesday.

Tuesday - Day 27

Early, I wake before the alarm goes off. I head to the high school track, (side note: it is the only track i have ever run that has a hill in it, a 12 inch rise on the back turn, huh) today is 6 x 800 @ 3:05 pace, with a 1:30 RI. I start with a mile warm up. Feeling good. In the past, I would have blistered the first 800, I know to hold back, oops too much, 3:10. 90 seconds later, 3:04, the remaining 4 are around 3:04/5. Not bad, i cool down and later hit the weights. A better day than Monday. Work and family balance, not too bad.

Wednesday - Day 28

Up early, shower, and off the airport. I spend the day in Dallas for a Board meeting. Tough day, tough day! Back on a plane and 18 hours later I am back home, though no restful sleep.

Thursday - Day 29

I pushed my swim today until Lunch. I will hit the weights later this evening. Too much work... But happy to have it and glad to be busy!

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