Sunday, August 9, 2009

The last supper... pizza!

Day 25

The last day of summer is here, though it came far too soon. As Wil has opened a Massage parlor in his room, an industrious 7 year old, I stopped by for a morning massage. 50 cents per minute, or a buck if you want music, I splurged. The music was good and the massage a hit. Three minutes and I was good to go for the day.

As always, Sunday is rest day. We woke and made our way to Mel’s for breakfast, it was good. A quick stop at the grocery store and back home. The boys helped work on the mustang. We cleaned the trunk as Kim sorted the letter box for school. Jack and will cleaned the windows.

Jack’s buddies came by and I worked this afternoon. After finishing off some work, I took Wil to the pool. Later this evening we took the Mustang to Diesels for pizza, it was our first time there. Good pie, not great, but good.

A little more work and we are ready for some football… To bed early and a 7 miles run in the morning.

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